Celo IndiaDAO (Regional DAO) Proposal

This is chitty, Celo ambassador India. I am submitting proposal for Celo IndiaDAO. We like to get feedback from the community to make Celo IndiaDAO more transparent and decentralized.


We aim to create more awareness about Celo ecosystem in India and onboard new builders and expanding celo community in India by educating them about Blockchain technologies, Celo eco system projects and support new projects that are in line with celo’s mission.

Students in India often lack of blockchain skills despite the presence of 50,000 higher education colleges across the country. Celo IndiaDAO is looking at bridging this gap with a data-centric and community model.

The purpose of the DAO is to engage the Youth community to direct and inspire them to work in the CELO ecosystems and award the best contributors.

CELO where mobile first and Prosperity for all is the mantra, a DAO based on CELO is best positioned to equip the talents and community with blockchain skills and inspire them to create web3 applications and use the CELO wallet and interact with our block chain.


Our mission is to build a strong community of CELO developers/creators/users by reaching out to Indian Universities, Colleges, Institutions and rural people. Engage them with

Sponsoring National and International conferences in India.

Supporting Celo University guilt program in marketing, providing resources, conducting the programs and rewarding.

Supporting University based startups in web3.

Providing Research grant for University Scholars working on Regenerative and climate collective research.

Workshops and training programs.

Engage students in the intercollege competitions around CELO ecosystem.

Inspire them to develop web3 based projects using CELO ecosystem

Identify the best individual talent and team and reward them from our DAO.

Creating educational contents in local languages.

Live programs on YouTube, twitter etc.,


  1. Follow the law of the land

  2. Build for the future

  3. Incentivise the contributors



Creation of corpus fund. Celo IndiaDAO will be managed as a DAO (Decentralized and Autonomous Organization), with funds held on a multisignature wallet. All the investments will be done in cUSD.

As first step install celo wallet and able to interact with our DAO using QR code(Referral QR code from celo supporting wallet)

A Welcome NFT for new celo wallet registration.

Supporting University Startups.

Community members will get reward to create CELO related educational contents and videos.

On a quarterly basis the projects and ideas contributed by the builders are listed and the DAO members can vote.

The top 3 best contributors individual or team awarded with cUSD every month.


This is really thoughtful


A DAO would really help to organize the Indian Community, and further encourage them to participate and excel in our eco system.
There is a recent uptick in the number and quality of Indian blockchain enthusiasts and builders in the last few months that we can draw to Celo through ventures like a DAO and its activities,
I’ve noticed Near and Polygon doing this in India and succeeding.

I fully support and would love to take initiative with you Chitty in this venture. Much appreciation for this proposal.


This is really nice! Hope our clan thrive! Kudos @Chitty


Hi @Chitty, thank you for putting this together! It’s really exciting to see more regional DAO proposals on the forum.

Have you thought about what is the budget that you are requesting for the DAO and how do you plan to allocate it? As well as who would be the multisig signers?


Great initiative @Chitty, glad to see this happening. Celo is a perfect fit for India on many angles, happy to lend a hand where possible. I plan to work on building the ReFi ecosystem in India and we would have plenty of real world use cases to work on parallelly. Overall, great for the Celo ecosystem.


Really great initiative @Chitty


I completely resonate with @Chitty’s thoughts. And feel so happy to see Regional DAO Proposals. There’s a great opportunity to lead the Web3 space in India, specially in the rural, semi-urban settings. A regional DAO would allow, contextualizing celo’s mission with the language that Indians understand. @Shaun


Hi anna, I thank celo foundation for supporting Celo ecosystem India.

Regarding the budget and multisign
Description. Cost

1.Conference Sponsoring. $100,000
2.Workshop and training programs. $200,000
3.Merchandise and gifts (including NFTs) $50,000
4.Research Sponsoring. $15,000
5.Salaries. $50,000
6.Developer Studio. $35,000
7.Startup funding. $50,000

Total. $500,000

IndiaDAO team

Name. Role.

Chitty. Community lead, training and research

Avina. Social media and program co ordination

Technical development

Marketing and business development


Good evening
Im interested to create some community in Goa
Which steps i can do for next?


Hey @alchemy. You should connect with @lopeselio He’s building a dope metaverse on Celo and hes based in Goa.

Also please drop any thoughts you have on this Celo India Dao proposal, we think its an effective way to build Celo India community further.


@lopeselio good evening
Where are u stay in Goa.
Lets meet in Arambol?
How i can help u?

I’d like to support this proposal. I’m just getting the hang of Solidity but am very keen to participate and do more


Hey @alchemy I stay in Quepem, South Goa. Arambol is like really really far. Btw I am building on Celo

Really excited to see the interest for a regional DAO in India. The community here, and also the mission at Celo, has got huge potential in our country!


This also feels like its the right time to establish a DAO here


Nice initiative @Chitty. I would like to support this proposal.
If approved, DappLooker team can contribute in DAO in below ways:

  • Celo data and analytics

  • Workshop and seminars

  • Training programs

Here’s more about us:


Total support from our side at IntoTheVerse Inc.

We can help/contribute with

  • training sessions
  • organising meet-ups, AMAs on Celo initiatives, ReFi
  • game scholarships for student gaming communities and guilds
  • Organising game jams to build with Celo
  • reaching out to students at colleges/clubs/chapters and spreading education on web3, building dApps on Celo, mentorships and more.

And so many different ways. Totally down for this initiative


Sounds good to me. I think India has quite a significant potential for refi-related projects too. They just need proper support and guidance. Celo IndiaDao will definitely help to accelerate development and adoption(if utilized adequately).


Hi @Chitty, if you’d like to discuss this proposal in this month’s governance call on Thursday, feel free to add a comment here: Celo Governance Call #22 | September 22nd, 2022 · Issue #169 · celo-org/governance · GitHub