Celo Africa Regional DAO Proposal

Hello, the awesome Celo community!, my name is Aliu Musa, I lead the Africa ecosystem at the Celo Foundation. In an effort to bring more transparency and get community feedback on the initiatives that we’re working on, we would like to share with you some of the things we are working on and get your perspectives towards it!


To Win the hearts and minds of Web3 builders across Africa, spread the adoption of Celo protocol locally.

Celo has one of the most global communities in crypto. In order to further expand decentralization and the localization of the protocol in different regions and cultures, we would love to empower local communities to lead local growth. We believe that folks on the ground are the most equipped to do this and that a grassroots approach will benefit the growth of Celo and its community.

Amount Requested

$507K worth of CELO.

Areas of Focus

Focus Area 1: Attract emerging Web3 talent locally by focusing on local hackathons.

The primary objective is to support individuals and projects that are interested in building on Celo. We envision successful projects going on to receive funding from Celo Ecosystem.

Description Cost
Prizes (20k, 10k 5k x4) $50,000
Venue & Food (Dinner/Lunch) $ 6,000
Media & Promotion $ 5,000
Platform & Administration (Gitcoin) $10,000
Total per Hackathon $71,000
X2 Hackathon per Year $142,000
  • Success Metrics:
    • 2 hackathon in Africa
    • 100 hackathon participants in total per each hackathon

    • 30 submissions per each hackathon

    • Local Demo Day held a quarter with Top VCs scouts invited to attend.
    • Goal: VC funding for 1-3 projects per each hackathon

Focus Area 2: Local Education

Help onboard new developers and guide them through the ecosystem.

Description Cost
Venue & Food (4 most active countries) $4000
Marketing, Promotion, Gifts and Swags $750
Dev Rel (or Ambassador) $1000
Total $ 5,750
x 12 months $69,000
  • Success metrics after 6 months:
    • 480 Participants (80 active participants per month)
    • 96 (20%) downloads of Contract Kit
    • 288 (60%) downloads of Valora
    • 336 (70%) new followers on social media

Focus Area 3: Local Web3 Dev Studio

Create a Web3 Dev Studio to help onboard successful Web2 projects that would like to make the transition to Web3. Help onboard projects through developer support

# Dev Hours 2000
$ Dev Hour 80
Total $160,000
  • Success Metrics:
    • 5 Web3 Dev Studio Participants across the region
    • 100% Project Conversion Rate to Celo
    • 3 Projects converted to web3 with volume >$1M

Focus Area 4: Building Market Awareness and Brand Positioning

Build our community locally and on the ground. This includes translation of ecosystem news into local languages. Hosting Twitter spaces and local AMAs. Educating the community on projects in the ecosystem and programs.

Description Cost
Content Creators $ 1000
Swags/Paid Ads/Rewards $500
X 5 countries x 12 months $90,000
  • Success Metrics
    • 1 Twitter Spaces per Week
    • 4 Social Posts (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) per Week
    • 1 Community Meetup per Month per active market (see above for event estimates)
    • Ongoing management of local communication channels

Transparency & Progress

We commit to posting monthly updates on our progress. We plan to measure success by developing a set of reports that we will share quarterly tracking the progress of:

  • #Community members over time
  • #Active Developers over time
  • #Projects submitted in the end of the hackathon

Reports will be shared in the forum.

Useful Links

Structure & Mult-Sig

Role Name Multisig
Local Developer Relations Allen Muhani
Local Marketing & Social Noah Baalessanvu
Local Event Lead Chimezie Chuta
Local Business Development Aliu Musa


  • Equivalent $100 worth of CELO per Hour, expectation is 5-10 hours per month
  • Less than 10% of overall budget should go towards compensation (capped at $50K WORTH of Celo per Region)
  • Regional Eco Leads will waive compensation since they are employed by Foundation.

Regional DAO Operations

  • Due Diligence
  • Legal Agreements & Docusign
  • [Forum Posts] to update Community. Potentially expand to mirror.xyz
  • Tooling:

Love it! Fully behind the idea of an Africa DAO for Celo!


I’m happy about this because it would lead to proper organic growth and Adoption of the Celo Ecosystem.


I’m excited about this because this resonates with the goal of Celo “Creating a system of prosperity for all”, this will increase the user community and also enable Africans to adopt the Celo Ecosystem. thus earning the loyalty of the continent.


Deeply happy about this, it’s will create more room for prosperity and community development


This is a nice idea. I think you should check my topic on the idea of a DAO to be launched in Africa. This will increase food production in the continent, solve hunger and drought challenges, provide sustainable employment and most of all, ensure shared prosperity for our community members.


So exciting to see this!!


Love this proposal! Very excited to have local communities drive community engagement < 3


This is awesome. Love to see Celo continuously BUILDing despite the market’s season.


This is a great initiative.
The goal to onboard more devs, community members and Web3 projects on Celo is quite a unique one and I’ll go for it.
I totally support this.
Kudos mate.


This is a great idea. I so much love it!!! It will give room for web3 builders to showcase their works. I can’t wait for it to start happening. Thank you Celo for bringing this to Africa!!!


Nice proposal. I particularly love and anticipate the celo hackathons, it’s going to increase awaremmness and adoption of the celo blockchain in Africa


A well detailed breakdown. This will go a long way in empowering the entire region and will bring massive development in the Celo ecosystem. I love it!:fire:


I must confess, great innovation, great impact :sparkles:.


This is an amazing proposal made by the cell Africa community it will help to further create the development of the celo ecosystem in Africa


Really looking forward to this going through :raised_hands:t5:


Full support to this :wink:

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This seems like a great project to be enrolled at the upcoming hackathons!


Awesome idea, I would be very happy to participate in these hackathons.

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Nice imitative. Can’t wait to see the prospect it brings to the the block world!!!

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