Celo India H1 2024 | Regional DAO [FINAL]

Celo India H1 2024 | Regional DAO [FINAL]
Funding Request - Celo India 2024
Authors: Chitty Babu, Shaun Joseph, Kandasamy Rahunandan, Kundan,
Budget Request: $46,000 cUSD
Proposal Type: CPG Funding Request | Regional DAO

Link to [DRAFT] Proposal: Proposal for Community Development in India : IndiaDAO Community Management


This proposal seeks funding for the Celo India DAO for the period from Feb, 2024, to Jun, 2024, amounting to 46,000 cUSD. The primary objective is to create a comprehensive community development program focusing on Web3, emphasizing Celo education, meet-ups, and training. The aim is to empower individuals in India and enhance user adoption through targeted initiatives organized under Two key pillars: Training Programs & Community Meetups


Recognizing the transformative potential of blockchain technology, our team is driven by the desire to empower individuals across diverse demographics, including students, developers, and the general public. CELO’s vision of ‘Prosperity for all’ and its position as a ‘mobile first’ blockchain makes it a perfect fit for India: an emerging market where nearly everyone has a mobile phone but does not have access to financial aid and inclusivity.


Focus Area 1: Training Programs
Objective: Develop training programs aimed at increasing awareness of the Celo blockchain and its potential applications within India. The goal is to empower Indian students and developers through impactful training sessions that deepen their understanding of blockchain technology, with a specific emphasis on the Celo ecosystem.

  • Conducting educational workshops in colleges and universities to provide foundational knowledge about the Celo blockchain and practical skills for utilizing Celo ecosystem applications.
  • Hosting tailored, in-person training sessions for various demographics, including students, entrepreneurs, and policymakers.
  • Developing localized educational materials and resources to ensure widespread accessibility and distribution of crucial information, collaborating with experienced educators to ensure the quality and relevance of training content.
  • Offering resources and assistance for program logistics, marketing, and participant engagement.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Organizing a minimum of 10 training programs at colleges/universities.
  • Ensuring each training program has at least 60-100 attendees.
  • Onboard students to Celo ecosystem through wallet downloads.
  • Providing guidance for participation in Celo Hackathons.
  • Encouraging increased participation from
  • Representing Celo in International/National Conferences.

Focus Area 2: Community Meetups

Objective: Facilitate grassroots-level interactions and networking opportunities for Celo enthusiasts across various cities in India. The objective is to drive increased adoption of Celo among crypto enthusiasts by organizing regular meetups and events.

  • Arrange regular, in-person meetups to facilitate networking and collaboration among crypto enthusiasts.
  • Emphasize the practical applications of blockchain and Celo during these gatherings.
  • Cultivate connections and encourage collaboration within the crypto community at these events.
  • Collaborate with local organizers to amplify the reach and impact of Celo meetups.
  • Establish regional hubs and empower community leaders to autonomously organize regular meetups.
  • Create, manage, and grow community groups/pages on socials to attract and retain supporters.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Organize a minimum of 5 meetup events across diverse demographics in India.
  • Onboard at least 5 Celo regional leaders to manage and grow their regional hubs.
  • Ensure each meetup attracts at least 50 attendees. Highlight the practical uses of blockchain and Celo during each meetup.
  • Drive increased participation from India in Celo ecosystem projects.
  • Represent Celo in national/local blockchain events/meetups.
  • 500 Celo wallet activations.
  • 300 participants across the whole region
  • Increase the online visibility of Celo India (500-1000 new followers across socials)

Operations and Accounting

We want to continue to strive for operational excellence, support the coordination between various Celo Community Treasury-funded groups, and provide clear reporting and accounting.


Below is a breakdown of the Celo India DAO budget per category. A more detailed breakdown with estimation and lead per item can be found in this sheet.

Payment Terms

We propose to receive the budget in two Instalments: the Q1 budget at the start of the proposal and the Q2 budget at the end of March after submitting a Q1 progress report on the Celo Forum.

Item Q1 Q2 Total
Training programs & University Outreach $4,000 $12,000 $16,000
Celo Meet Up Budget $3,000 $9,000 $12,000
Operations, Accounting & Reporting $2,000 $6,000 $8,000
Social Media/ Website and Community Management $1,500 $4,500 $6,000
Software, Travel, and other Misc $1,000 $3,000 $4,000
Total $11,500 $34,500 $ 46,000

Any funds left on June 30th will be returned to the Celo Community Treasury.


The following people will manage the Celo India DAO and coordinate the resources and budget allocations. A wide range of proven community members will support the team to execute the project plan.

Name Role Multi-Sig
Chitty Babu Community Lead, Training & Education Yes
Kandasamy Raghunandan Technical Support & Development Yes
Shaun Joseph Social Media & Business Relations Yes
Kundan Kumar Program Coordination & Impact Reporting

Chitty Babu – A Celo Camp Batch 4 participant, serves as a dedicated Celo Ambassador for India, committed to fostering long-term growth and adoption of Celo’s transformative technology in the region.
Celo Projects: Blockcash.finance, Autocomp.finance

Kandasamy Raghunandan – A Celo Camp Batch 4 member, showcases expertise as a Celo Devpost Hackathon winner. Passionate about the Celo ecosystem, Rahunandan collaborates on various projects within the Celo community, driving innovation and progress.
Celo projects: Node Wallet, Blockcash.finance, Autocomp.finance

Shaun Joseph – Active supporter, served as a regional Ambassador creating lines of communication and engagement for Celo. Worked closely with Valora wallet & FiatConnect. Crypto On/Off ramps specialist. A passionate and active member of the Celo Ecosystem.
Celo Projects : SwapBittsa, AlphaFortress

Kundan KumarActive supporter and leader in Celo regional and grassroot communities. Spearheaded regional Celo community events. Passionate about ReFi and Climate Initiatives.

Twitter – Celo_India - https://twitter.com/Celo_India
Telegram - IndiaDAO students community
Governance call - https://github.com/celo-org/governance/issues/380


Greetings @Shaun and India Team :raised_hands: I have already submitted your proposal OnChain, you can check it on Celo.Stake.id :saluting_face:

:bangbang: Please every one of you confirm your Multisign addresses in a comment each before deadline of the proposal Onchain. Otherwise proposal will be not approved by approvers :eyes:


Fully support!!! :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks @juanjgiraldoc , here is my wallet address:


Thanks @juanjgiraldoc , here is my wallet address


Wallet address: 0x887a6977394db671c7a9b3275a60e85bc2b4d550


My name is Kundan Kumar, here’s my Wallet address: 0x30F7C228fa52e68DFaCEb7c7eFfc3d439FeC5fF6

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Hello India Team @kandragu @Chitty @Shaun @Qaphqa :wave:

Thanks for posting your addresses. Idk if I am wrong but I cant find the Multisign address in the post. Can you please share the Multisign Address. :eyes:

:bangbang:Be aware this Multisign should include the signers above posted and needs to have a threshold of at least 2/3 signers for security purpouses.

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Multisig has be created with the individual addresses shared here in the forum.
multisig address:celo:0xeEA6060c51C1898027813b2581F8a0E2525Bd1Bf
transaction signers:3/4