stCelo Dashboard and Analytics

Hello Everyone,

Team DappLooker is excited to share that we have integrated stCelo contracts into the DappLooker platform and built dashboards for token analytics.

Please find relevant resources

Please find highlights of the dashboard

The Dashboard tracks and analyzes:

  1. Total Transactions

  2. Total Transfer Volume

  3. Total Gas Consumed

  4. Weekly Transaction Volume

  5. Daily TVL

  6. Weekly Gas Consumed

Reach us out for feedback and opinions.

cc @matt @Kevin @nraghuveera @jason @Isha @marek


hey! thanks for sharing this - looks helpful. I recommend using as the blockexplorer to point the smart contract.

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Sounds good!
Updated explorer link in the post.

Staked Celo dashboard is live on DappLooker explorer.

Let us know what other interesting metrics should be added on the explorer.

Find below resources in case you are looking to build your custom analytics on Staked Celo data.

Indexed data
Staked Celo Collection of Charts/Dashboard

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