Attestation Dashboard And Analytics

Hi Everyone,

I am from Team DappLooker. Excited to announce that we have build Attestation dashboards for visualising attestation details on our DappLooker platform and will love to receive feedbacks.

Below are the link of various dashboards and their collection and indexed data link:

Attestation dashboard:

We have various metrics, which includes following:

Dashboard: Attestation Dashboard

Number chart

  • Total Issuers
  • Total Requested Accounts from various identifiers
  • Total Identifiers who have requested for any attestations
  • Total accounts attested till date
  • Overall success percentage, which means overall requested and succeeded attestations
  • Monthly and Weekly success rate trend

Table chart:

  • Issuers success rate with top and bottom 10
  • Identifiers requested count.

Line chart:

  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Attestation volumes
  • Weekly/Monthly over all success rate
  • Weekly/Monthly Gas Consumed

Dashboard: Identifier Dashboard

This dashboard includes details related to particular Identifiers. We can give identifier address and it will show details like below images. Metrics included are:

  • Attestation Requested
  • Successful Attestations count
  • Count of Attestation requested for Account
  • Accounts count which are successfully attested
  • Request made by Identifier per account
  • Line chart: Which shows weekly attestation requests

Dashboard: Issuer details

This dashboard contains details about Issuer. Input for dashboard is Issuer address. Following metrics are included here:

  • Issuer success rate, which basically shows rate on which issuer able to attest the request
  • Requests Selected, total number of time Issuer is been selected
  • Account Attested, which shows count of Attested account
  • Completed Attestation, which show count of all attestation completed by Issuer
  • 2 Trend chart, which shows its trend over weekly/monthly success rate
  • Line chart, Shows weekly and monthly success rate.

Please visit our dashboard and share your valuable feedbacks.


Identifier dashboard:


Issuer dashboard: