No-Code Analytics Dashboard for Celo Dapps

Hello Everyone :wave:

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to introduce a new initiative we are undertaking as part of our Prezenti grant. We are seeking to onboard Celo Dapps to our platform to offer no-code analytics solutions to the Celo community. Our platform has a number of features that we believe would be of interest to Celo Projects.

This will enable no-code analytics solutions for Celo Dapps with below features:

  • Build dashboards on smart contract/subgraph data using an intuitive no-code editor
  • Attractive and budget-friendly user interface, with faster dashboards
  • Analyze on-chain and off-chain analytics together
  • Download raw and analyzed data in XLS/CSV format
  • Watermark-free embedding

I am pleased to inform you that Ubeswap, Moola Market, Impactmarket, and Uniswap are already integrated with our platform. We would love to connect with other Celo Projects interested in leveraging our solution.

If you are interested and looking to set up your dashboard, please DM me, or you can fill out this form:

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you to bring no-code analytics solutions to the Celo ecosystem.

I’ve been testing DappLooker with our Data Lead at GoodDollar. Really impressed with your tool! Congratulations!

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Hey @pedrosa.eth ,

Thank you so much for taking the time to test out DappLooker for GoodDollar. We greatly appreciate your kind words and are thrilled you were impressed with our tool.

Our team at DappLooker takes great pride in developing powerful and user-friendly solutions to help blockchain enthusiasts like you navigate the decentralized landscape. We always strive to improve and innovate, and your positive feedback motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

We are excited to have you as a user of DappLooker, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with our platform. If you have any questions or feedback along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you once again for your support, and we hope to continue serving you in the future.