Introducing CeloSPY - A premier analytics app for the Celo Network!

Hello to everyone in the Celo Community,

We are excited to present to you CeloSPY!

Your All-in-One Tool for Exploring the Celo Ecosystem

Celo is one of the fastest-rising blockchain platforms. With its focus on scalability, security, and usability, Celo is well-positioned to become a major player in DeFi.

But how do you keep track of the Celo ecosystem’s health and activity?

We present to you CeloSpy.

What is CeloSpy?

CeloSpy is a comprehensive app, created by DappLooker, that provides users with a wealth of information about the Celo network. A one-stop solution for all things Celo, providing users with comprehensive metrics, charts, visualizations, and analysis for the Celo network.

Here are some CeloSpy features:

  • Track key metrics like transaction volume, gas prices, and user activity — all in real-time.
  • “My History” lets you connect your Metamask wallet and gain personalized insights into your Celo transactions.
  • Embeddable Code to embed your CeloSpy dashboard in your website.
  • Fork, Customize, and Share Dashboards to evolve your Celo experience.

Celo Network Overview Monitor

Get a real-time snapshot of Celo’s performance with the Network Overview Monitor. Visualizations and data on transaction volumes, block production, and network health show a clear picture of how the network is functioning.

Celo Transaction Overview Monitor

Dive deeper into transaction activity with the Transaction Overview Monitor. Understand transaction trends, gas prices, and the types of currencies being used. This allows you to gauge user behavior and identify popular tokens within the Celo ecosystem.

Network Tokens Monitor

Network Tokens Monitor offers insights into the Total Value Locked, transaction volumes, gas consumption, and specific token details, along with user activity metrics.

Celo Token Metrics Monitor

CeloSpy doesn’t stop at network performance. The Token Metrics Monitor provides a comprehensive view of individual token activity. See user engagement, transaction volume, and value transferred for various tokens. This can be valuable for investors and those interested in specific projects on Celo.

Celo Wallet Overview

The Celo Wallet Overview sheds light on user behavior within the network. Track the number of unique wallets, daily active users, and the flow of transactions (sending vs receiving users). This helps understand user adoption and how value is moving around the Celo ecosystem.

And the best part - ‘My History’

CeloSpy empowers you to analyze your Celo activity.

  • Connect your Metamask wallet to “My History” and gain insights into your transaction habits.
  • See your average transaction fee, number of transactions, value transferred, and CELO Token movement.
  • This personalized data allows you to monitor your Celo Network usage and optimize your transactions.

What’s more?

You can fetch CeloSpy Chart APIs and Build applications with it!

Learn how to get your DappLooker API key and Celo Public APIs.


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