Celo Developer Tools

Hi all :wave:

I put together a list of developer tools for building on Celo.

Feel free to comment with questions or add anything that you are working on or have found useful.

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Hello EveryOne,

Hope you all are fine and doing well I am a developer and new on the celo want to know that how can we execute the code which is provided on the git hub link on celo website. If any developer here who implemented the celo and runs the provided code please help me.

Any kind of help will be appreciated!

Email: monetdt3@gmail.com

Hi @MonetDigital, welcome!

I’m happy to help. Which code are you referring to specifically? Can you link to the Github repo that you are trying to use?

FYI, you can also join our discord community at chat.celo.org where a lot of Celo developers are available to answer questions.

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Hey @joshc,
I am glad that you respond, I am following “https://github.com/celo-org” this link for the source code but didn’t know how to run it and what platforms are used to compile this!

There are many repositories there. I will DM you for more details