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This is a report on our recent progress for the month Sept. / October 2023 for Celo Tribe Club.

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  • Celo Tribe Club Partners with UNILAG BSA
  • Celo tribe club launches new website
  • Celo Tribe set to create video course compilation from course material

Celo Tribe Club Partners with BSA

In October 2023, Celo Tribe Club proudly assumed the role of the official sponsor for the HOD Games sports event series, a prestigious and highly anticipated academic sporting event organised by the Business School Association Unilag (BSA).

Partnership for Excellence

The HOD Games event series has gained significant recognition for its prestige and widespread anticipation within the academic community. This statement highlights the importance of the partnership between BSA UNILAG and Celo Tribe Club.

The partnership symbolises Celo Tribe Club’s steadfast commitment to delivering Web3 education to university campuses. With a mission to provide comprehensive Web3 and Celo blockchain education, this collaboration is a pivotal step in achieving this goal.

The HOD Games encompass a wide array of sports and competitions, catering to diverse interests. These include football, chess, basketball, card games, monopoly, volleyball, and more. The diverse nature of these events is expected to draw a substantial number of students from various faculties.

Through this partnership, Celo Tribe Club seeks to create significant brand awareness. The diverse sporting competitions provide an ideal platform to introduce Celo Tribe Club’s mission and offerings to a wide audience of university students.

The partnership between BSA UILAG and Celo Tribe Club holds great promise. It not only promotes Web3 education but also reinforces our commitment to delivering education of the Celo blockchain.

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Celo tribe club launches new website

The Celo Tribe Club, a pioneering force in Web3 education and Celo blockchain awareness, has taken a significant step forward in its mission. In a move that demonstrates the club’s dedication to expanding its digital footprint and providing valuable resources to its community, Celo Tribe Club has proudly unveiled its new website.

This launch marks a crucial milestone in the club’s journey. The new website offers an array of features and resources designed to educate, engage, and empower users in the realm of Web3 technology and the Celo blockchain.

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Celo Tribe Sets to Create Video Courses from Course Material

As the world continues to embrace the transformative power of Web3 technology and the Celo blockchain, the demand for comprehensive educational resources in this space is reaching new heights. To meet this demand head-on, Celo Tribe is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking initiative — the creation of video courses based on course materials.

In September 2023, Celo Tribe initiated a call to action on their social media platforms, seeking a student to fill the role of Celo Tribe’s official video tutor instructor. This announcement generated an overwhelming response from enthusiastic candidates across various universities in Nigeria. View post here

In response to the remarkable interest and talent pool, Celo Tribe has commenced the production of educational videos. These videos are set to debut and become available to the public in mid-November 2023.

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Completed KPI

  • Establishment of Celo Tribe club in 14 universities

  • Celo Tribe Club Community growth

Team Members:
Team Lead: Hawwal
Project Manager: Timi @Timi
Community Manager: Benny @Benny
Social media management: Celo tribe handler

Conclusion: Propagating Web3 Education through Innovative Initiatives

In alignment with our steadfast commitment to breaking the learning curve of Web3 education and the Celo blockchain, we introduced a video course series, a novel addition not initially part of the project proposal. To maximize our available resources, we strategically allocated the remaining funds to further this initiative.

The process involved hiring a student with no prior understanding of Web3, who embarked on a journey to study our course material diligently. We provided her with guidance and assistance in shaping her approach to presenting the video courses. A deliberate decision was made to keep the entire course unscripted, as we aimed to encourage the student to communicate her unique understanding of Web3 and the Celo Blockchain. We were greatly impressed by the authenticity and effectiveness of her delivery.

Furthermore, we conducted a comprehensive survey that revealed the impact of education through engaging video materials. The results showed a remarkable increase in student engagement and a better understanding of the concepts related to Web3 and the Celo Blockchain.

As we near the completion of this project in our first region, our future endeavours include the translation of these video materials into various languages. This initiative aims to bridge the knowledge gap for universities in non-English speaking regions, ensuring that they can access and engage with the educational content effectively and embark on their journey of learning in the realm of Web3 and the Celo Blockchain. A spreadsheet report of expenses will be presented in the next report.