[Proposal] Web3 x SDG Event Proposal for Road to COP28

Web3 x SDG Event Proposal for Road to COP28


The “Road to COP28” event series aims to create a platform that brings together corporations, Web3 leaders, and local communities to collaboratively address global climate challenges in the lead-up to the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28). The event series will explore the role of Web3 technologies, blockchain solutions, and sustainable practices in accelerating climate action and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Blockchain technology offers many opportunities to scale up solutions in order to match the Sustainable Development Goals objectives. From fairtrade to blockchain traceability, from Kyoto protocol to carbon markets, stakeholders coordination and digital identity…. How much do the Sustainability leaders know about these opportunities brought by web3?


a. Awareness and Education: Raise awareness about the potential of Web3 technologies, particularly Celo blockchain, in contributing to climate action and achieving the SDGs. Educate participants about the benefits and applications of blockchain in sustainability efforts.

b. Collaboration and Partnerships: Facilitate meaningful partnerships between corporations and Web3 leaders to foster innovation and co-create sustainable solutions for global climate challenges.

c. Engaging Local Communities: Involve local communities in the discussions around COP28 and empower them to take an active role in addressing climate issues through Web3 and blockchain initiatives.

Focus Area / Format

The “Road to COP28” event series will consist of the following components:

UN Climate Week / New York.

CELO meeting: Bringing together Corporate Sustainability & Web3 ReFi

NY, NY, Wednesday, Sept. 20th, 2023. Register a CELO event as part of official Climate Week program (organized by Climate Group. Invite the audience from the Climate Group (senior corporations members and NGOs) to discuss 3 types of use cases from the CELO ecosystem:

  • Energy
  • Traceability
  • MRV tools

(to be confirmed and refined)

Audience : 30-50 executive sustainability experts per panel, Total between 100 high level profiles and 200
Publish a report of the event to be shared with a broader audience


Set up a CELO event along the Sustainable Innovation Forum (4-5 December 2023) organized by Climate Action, https://www.climateaction.org/, in the Innovation Zone (Green zone). Invite a diverse audience:

  • NGOs/Businesses
  • North/South
  • Web3/ Web2 Sustainability.

Create a World Cafe moderation type to focus on real problem solving such as:

  • Sustainable innovation in the global South
  • Scale up: glocal solutions for global problems
  • DeFi as a key leverage tool for climate finance

Attendees: 200 to 600 participants that will be selected according to our goal to gather experts from diverse backgrounds and in position to follow up on concrete actions.

In addition, we might be able to host a CELO booth and/or breakfast in the “blue zone” (which means the official COP28 zone) (to be confirmed).

Publish a report of the event to be shared with a broader audience

Local Events

In various cities, localized workshops will be conducted to involve the local community in the climate dialogue. These workshops will allow for interactive discussions, ideation, and planning for grassroots initiatives that leverage Web3 technologies.

Contacts gathered during the 2 previous events (NY and Dubai/COP28) will be invited to contribute to the Local Events.

Overall, this roadmap to COP28 will support the CELO community as a force to tackle climate change.

Budget Requested

Our budget request is a 2-stage process:

1/Stage #1 Request 100K USD = 200K CELO from Celo On-Chain Fund to support. Budget broken down in the following:

Stage #1 includes:

  • NY event overall organization
  • COP28 preparation and partnerships
  • Decentralized Events in 3 cities: initial contacts
  • Our goal is to raise 80K USD =160K CELO of sponsorship during Stage 1

Proposed Budget for Stage 1

Organization + Content Preparation $26,000
Catering $15,000
Video $5,000
Event ROI Management $1,000
Marketing assistance $4,000
Graphic Design $5,000
Prints & Materials $4,000
Traveling x 2 persons $4,000
Unexpected expenses $3,000
TOTAL $67,000
Venue between 0 & $20,000


2/ Stage #2 Estimated Request for mid September: 150K = 300K CELO from Celo On-Chain Fund to support.

Stage #2 includes:

  • COP 28 production
  • Decentralized events in 3 cities implementation
COP 28
Organization + Content Preparation $50,000
Catering $40,000
Venue $30,000
Partnerships $10,000
Event ROI Management $10,000
Marketing Assistance $5,000
Graphic Design $5,000
Prints & Materials $5,000
Traveling, per diem… $20,000
TOTAL $175,000
Local Organizers $6,000
Content Preparation $6,000
Global coordination + Marketing assistance $5,000
Graphic Design $3,000
Print & Materials $3,000
Catering $15,000
Event ROI Management $3,000
Traveling for 1 person in 3 places $3,000
TOTAL $44,000
Venue Between 0 and $15,000

Expected Outcomes

The “Road to COP28” event series offers a unique opportunity to foster collaboration between corporations, Web3 leaders, and local communities in the journey towards COP28. By leveraging Web3 technologies and sustainable practices, we can accelerate climate action and drive positive change on a global scale. This event series aims to catalyze meaningful partnerships and empower all participants to be active contributors to a more sustainable and resilient future.

The “Road to COP28” event series aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased awareness among corporations about the potential of Web3 technologies in supporting their sustainability efforts.
  • Formation of meaningful partnerships between corporations and Web3 leaders to develop innovative sustainable solutions.
  • Empowered local communities with knowledge and resources to contribute actively to climate action through Web3 initiatives.

How do we measure success?

We create the conditions for true engagement, see our exquisite conference format


  • Number of business leads
  • Speaking slots:Number of invitations of web3 leaders at Sustainability events

Participants engagement:

We measure engagement qualitatively using wearable tech and through our facilitation methodologies

  • The more participants contribute and share their vision and questions, the more they will be in position to follow up with business leads or recommendations to their contacts.
  • Content sharing:
  • Number of “Blockchain for Scaling Climate Action"
  • Number of “Theory of Change” downloads
  • Number of “Blockchain for Good Reports”

Follow up tools:

  • Follow up Webinar: Number of participants
  • Newsletter: Number of registrations
  • **Follow up surveys: **Blockchain perception: blockchain seen as a tool to scale up climate action?


  • Number of qualified participants (sustainability executives, NGOs leaders…)
  • Number of event registration

Media: Social posts, views, press mentions

Governance / Multisig

Jeanne Bloch

  • Bio: Jeanne has a background in environmental sustainability and has actively worked with several NGOs and global companies in implementing sustainable practices. She has a deep understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals and is passionate about exploring innovative technologies like blockchain to address environmental challenges. (She has been part of 2 COPs in the past).
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeanneBloch
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeannebloch/

Jacques André Fines-Schlumberger

Marketing/Admin Support:

Ivy Bagay:

Yineisi Mota

Ayala (live in NY)

  • Bio: Kernel Community Steward team
  • Twitter: Kernel0x

Other Support:

  • Anna Lerner, Climate Collective

Additional Links

Examples of Past Events led by Jeanne Bloch and Jacques Andre:

Impact Blockchain Conference at Académie du Climat at ETHCC [Jeanne BLOCH on LinkedIn: #ethccweek | 15 comments]

Jeanne Bloch also organized several successful Impact Blockchain events during Paris Blockchain Week, EthTLV, Ethcc 2022…


  • Preparatory work: map out actual blockage points from participants Sustainability programs and connect them with existing CELO based initiatives: what if we would partner and scale up “this” solution together?
  • Create a CELO working group with CELO ecosystem projects leaders that would speak best to Corporate/NGO web2 Sustainability

Benefits for CELO Community:

  • Benefits to the CELO community: business opportunities
  • Benefits for the participants: learn and connect with projects that could help scale up climate mitigation solutions
  • Benefits for CELO Foundation: Business development and comms

Thank you Jeanne for this thoughtful proposal. I was thoroughly impressed by the Positive Blockchain Conference you hosted in Paris at the Institute of Climate. I would love to see more Celo presence during Climate Week and showcase use cases that demonstrate how blockchain can be used to accelerate climate action. :heart: :earth_americas:


thank you @Xochitl , it was great having you at the Impact Blockchain Conference. Indeed, bringing together Sustainability leaders and web3 impact projects is key to scale up climate action.

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Thanks so much for your participation on the ReFi conference in Paris @Xochitl, it was great to hear from you. And just to clarify, the event at the Climate Academy in Paris was organized by Jeanne Bloch and Blockchain for Good, not Positive Blockchain :wink: Blockchain for Good is another French association that has been working on these topics since 2018. We publish analysis report every two years entitled “Blockchain and sustainable development”, (here’s the link https://blockchainforgood.fr/?sdm_process_download=1&download_id=3579)


Thank you for initiating this project and putting together this proposal, Jeanne!

Hello, CELO! Just a quick intro about myself, I’ve been fully immersed in web3 since 2021 and have been applying my skills in editing, copywriting, marketing, and operations both at Commons Stack and Trusted Seed. My involvement in organizing Trusted Seed Unconferences, the Catalonia Social Expedition, and the most recent Impact Blockchain Conference has given me a unique experience and a deep understanding of the dynamics of such events.

I’m hoping and excited to collaborate in UN Climate Week and COP28 events and contribute to SDGs, with the support of the CELO community. :pray:


It would be great to see the Celo community mobilized at both Climate Week and COP28. Wishing you the best of luck with this!


A brief introduction! I’m an independent researcher, university lecturer, ICT author and COO of the non-profit association Blockchain for Good. We are, since 2018, a collective of researchers, entrepreneurs and representatives of civil society, who are interested in blockchain and the SDGs. The aim of the association is to promote, support and contribute to fundamental and applied research in digital innovations, and to foster and support the sharing of experiences between the blockchain ecosystem and sustainable development stakeholders. Every two years, we publish an analysis report and the 2022 editions has already been downloaded 7,000 times! The next one is scheduled for 2024.

The Impact Blockchain Conference at EthCC Paris last July was an incredible opportunity for participants from a wide range of backgrounds to get together and think & discuss about impact blockchains. 500 people attended the conferences and workshops!

Let’s do it again during UN Climate Week and COP28 events, with the support of the CELO community. :pray:


Thank you for the correction @Jacques-Andre !! I was so excited and typing very fast that I confused the two :see_no_evil:


Very excited about your contributions to the Celo Ecosystem!!! I think it would be great to host a twitter (X?) space to review the report and talk about the event outcomes with the community!! :heart: I know many Celo builders were there including EthicHub, Toucan, Impact Hub, Good$, Flow, Kolektivo, Mento and more!

Would love to hear your thoughts on this proposal @MarkusBerlin @Jori @GabrielaChang1 @IANature @Philfog @jessicag @anna @LuukDAO @papa_raw


Also, link the these initiatives to the COP28 priorities:
• Fast-tracking the energy transition and slashing emissions before 2030
• Transforming climate finance, by delivering on old promises and setting the framework for a new deal on finance
• Putting nature, people, lives and livelihoods at the heart of climate action
• Mobilizing for the most inclusive COP ever

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Thank you @Jacques-Andre , indeed, Blockchain for Good report was already an inspiration for our events last July and will be a great source of information to be shared during the NY event.

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Thank you Alison, CELO builders all together do respond to most of the SDGs, which makes the ecosystem so powerful

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Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for pulling together a well thought out proposal. Generally supportive of the Stage #1 request, as I’d love to have a greater presence at UN Climate Week and the proposed budget looks reasonable to me. I did have some clarifying questions:

  • “Preparatory work: map out actual blockage points from participants Sustainability programs and connect them with existing CELO based initiatives: what if we would partner and scale up “this” solution together?” ← Can you clarify this point? Is this the ‘business leads / partnerships’ that you were hoping as an outcome?
  • Will there be a virtual component for those who cannot attend in person?
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I like the thoughtful proposal and I fully agree: sustainability is at the core of Celo and therefore an increased Celo presence during Climate Week and at COP in the innovation zone would be great!

Next to awareness at these conferences the engagement part would be important so that the whole community benefits from the investment: both engaging existing projects on Celo to give them a stage at these events (or showcasing them in the booth) but also engage new projects to come to Celo.


Thank you William for your insights.
Yes, the objective for New York/Climate Week would be to connect CELO ecosystem initiatives with web2 Sustainability corporations and NGOs and initiate leads.
For example, a VPSustainability of a main corporation is attending our event. We would like this person to be able to: 1/understand the opportunities of ReFi/Impact web3, 2/Connect the web3 possibilities with their own Sustainability program for a test partnership.
In our past Impact Blockchain Conference and ReFi conferences, we have focused on content. This time, we would like to identify prior the event what would be the most relevant issues to the web2 audience + get information from CELO initiatives about what would be the most relevant to them as well.

Regarding the virtual/streaming part, I imagine that we will set it up for contributors who don’t attend. For a broader audience, we will record videos that will be shared shortly after the event.

Thank you again

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Thank you Markus. The idea of these events is to build a qualitative experience that will bridge CELO community/projects with web2 Sustainability players. That’s why we have planed follow up local events throughout the CELO community.
(Would love to know about the new projects to come on CELO.)

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Hey Jeanne,

Great proposal and highly relevant to our work at https://ecofrontiers.xyz/. We would be an example of folks benefitting from the production of such a report. Some (ideally helpful) responses and Qs:

In regards to MRV, I’d kindly direct your attention to a report we recently published on dMRV in Web3 – it does a fairly comprehensive job of summarising what’s going on presently in this space.

In general though we’d be happy to host one of these in Berlin. We’ve hosted a few similar events with Blockchain For Good and have a grassroots-y crowd currently growing in Berlin.



This is an excellent team and very capable. GoodDollar supported and participated both ethtlv and Paris events and I think Jeanne is always showing how we can do more with less. The most important thing is the focus on connecting web2/traditional finance to the Celo web3 ecosystem.


Hi Pat,
Indeed Ecofrontiers would be a great partner/contributor to our event.
Louise Borreani was a speaker at our last Impact Blockchain Conference in Paris/Ethcc and presented your MRV report.
The list of possible topics has been outlined in regard to what would speak easily to a Web2 Sustainability audience.
Thank you for your input and looking forward for more collaboration!

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Thank you Good Dollar! Looking forward for even more partnerships!

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