Crypto+Climate discord event during COP27

Hi all. I’m hosting, in partnership with Flow blockchain’s .Find team an all-day cross-chain climate blockchain event during the second week of COP27.
November 17 (Pacific time) - November 18

The idea is to bring climate projects in crypto to do AMAs, alongside a few AMA moderated panels on specific climate policy/science topics with experts weighing in.

High level goal of the event is to walk away with a impact statement we all commit to and give ourselves space to reconvene in 1 year’s time (hopefully in Zanzibar as planned).

For example:
Deploy $1B in 2023 across crypto space towards IRL climate impact projects

We have representation from some of the big names in climate crypto and refi, and would love to have Celo + the Climate Collective participate in some of the moderate expert panels. I would also love to have more representation from the global south as part of this effort.

If there are members of this community who are interested in either crytpo project AMAs or who have subject matter expertise for an expert panel, please reach out! I’m [email protected]


Love this idea!!! Looping in @nirvaan who can speak to Climate Collective’s presence during COP27.

Awesome! And just to be clear, the event will be on Discord, so physical presence at COP27 is not necessary!

HI @Xochitl @nirvaan are either of you available to connect Tuesday-Thursday of this week about this initiative?