New Hackathon for a "Greener Digital Future"

Hello Celo Community,

Given all of the amazing Climate and ReFi related projects that are currently being built on Celo, I wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the latest Global FinTech Hackcelerator 2022 hosted by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

The focus of this year’s event is on “Accelerating a Greener Digital Future” and the host committee has provided almost 30 Green Finance-related problem statements they are looking for people to help address.

The problem statements are broken up into two categories:

  • Monitor Commitment: Enhance investor and financial institution ease of monitoring sustainability commitments from issuers

  • Measure Impact: Improve ability to measure impact of loans and investments against their stated sustainability goals

A full list of the problem statements can be found here.


  • All finalists will receive a cash stipend of S$20,000 each (about US$15,000)
  • All finalists can be fast-tracked to receive up to S$200,000 in MAS Financial Sector Technology and Innovation Proof-of-Concept grant (about US$150,000)
  • Top 3 winners will receive cash prizes worth S$50,000 each (about US$36,000)

The deadline to submit a proposal is June 26, 2022 (Singapore time).

Last year, the team at cLabs/Celo was honored to be one of the 15 finalists for the Global CBDC Challenge sponsored by the MAS, so I know they are already familiar with Celo, but I want to make sure they also know about the amazing Climate and ReFi projects you are building.

I have no doubt that the work being done on Celo to accelerate a greener digital future is good enough to win this competition.

I’m happy to provide guidance and support for any team that wishes to submit a proposal.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Thank you @ezechiel for highlighting this opportunity. We at Untangled Protocol have submitted a proposal on tokenising green asset collaterals, allowing them to be priced, traded, exchanged without settlement frictions (Problem statement #4 embedded blockchain tech). Hope other ReFi projects will join us there - there is still time until June 26.

Some problem statements that we found interesting include:

  • #16 How can we ensure unique real-world assets that are digitally represented and used as collateral are only digitised once (i.e., solve for trust at inception /reduce risk of duplication and multi-staking)?

  • #21 How can DeFi be used to help accelerate settlement (especially across less liquid asset classes)?

  • #25 How can access to wealth and investment products be democratised through DeFi?

  • #29 As FIs hold both traditional asset and digital assets, how can financial institutions utilise such assets interchangeably and seamlessly e.g. banks utilising their digital assets for collaterals?)

  • #30 How can we efficiently and effectively assess and monitor the overall market
    capitalisation of digital assets that have undergone tokenisation?

  • #36 How can green projects and impacts be verified and traced (e.g., through emerging tech such as blockchain) to promote a more homogenous pricing of carbon credits?

  • #48 How can we build solutions in the Green Real Estate space to indicate that the use of Green Financing, debt and working capital within the project is green?

There are 57 problem statements to choose from so surely you will find your one :slight_smile: