ReFi devs+founders: what do you need from the Celo platform?

Hey everyone – we’re thinking about what we can do to make Celo an even better place for building ReFi apps, and I’d love to hear from you – here or 1:1. Whether small or large, would love a conversation. Are there missing building blocks you need? Are there core L1 changes that’d make your use case simpler? Could dev experience be easier? All suggestions welcome :slight_smile:


Would love to hear from you @papa_raw @Luuk @raphabenoi :seedling:

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Well from what I have seen geo based transactions is something that’s missing (not that I have any idea on how to do that…)

But the connection between locations and on chain data I believe will be supportive of many companies


Having deployment of Chainlink (soon to be) to fetch real world data on-chain via smart contracts using oracles and external adapters, would facilitate building/opening new use cases for ReFi markets.
Tomer @TomerBa mentioned about having geolocation data above, Chainlink has good use cases to solve it, and is available on major L1 chains as well as L2 solutions.

I worked on a climate agritech project (example use case: DAOInsure | Devfolio

Like insurance DAOs for community owned farms, climate based on-chain insurances/insurtech, require a heavy deal of real world data to be put on smart contracts, to provide the real essence of web3

Token streaming solutions for cUSD can help in various regenerative aspects, be it community subscriptions services, like use streams between wallets to unlock access to an NFT as a subscription, now that Unlock protocol is live on Celo.


In my opinion, there should be many more programming sessions and tutorials to learn how to create, test and deploy smart contracts in the Celo ecosystem. For example, Chainlink or Polygon have regular sessions where developers have the opportunity to ask questions while they code.

I also miss Moralis and Thirdweb as an integration.

Is there any way I might be able to help or contribute to the solutions?


geo based transactions – tell me more! what’s an example use case?

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Thanks for the input. I had figured that Oracles were going to be an important piece. Does (will) chainlink do everything you think you’re going to need? flexible enough?

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Thanks for the insights!

We can and should definitely do more of these. Take it you saw the Figment tutorials? CC’ing @ericnakagawa here.

Noted! @Xochitl might have some context on those integrations. Definitely raising Celo support with them always helps.

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Well as a Climate // web 3.0 VC i see a lot of MRV solutions that are pitching me their solutions,

They already have the understanding that they want their data to be written on chain, (like helium type… ) but don’t have the skills to do so…

so yes as was explained before it’s a type of oracle


Love the feedback @thoms994 ! I’ll let @ericnakagawa comment on the tutorials.

Regarding Chainlink integration. We’re working on it! This has been delayed due to Chainlink resources. Would love your help to express the importance to the Chainlink teams.

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Some partners with larger scale initiatives are in need of support to design and implement solutions. I think a weekly open session on discord to talk to interested parties could be a good way moving forward. I am happy to engage in this and help ignite community.

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Yes. Geotagging on-chain will come very handy, as we look forward to tokenizing real estates and Farming ideas on ReFi. I’m very passionate about Green energy and negative carbon, and I have an idea on a DAO to promote food production and shared prosperity.


Highest priorities right now:

  • Walletconnect on Celo Safe apps
  • The ability to request to add delegate addresses to the Celo Safe
  • More structured comms/dev for anything Celo Safe related
  • Listing of Celo ecosystem DAOs on, including various grants programs
  • Deeper investments into Web3 geospatial tech (e.g. Astral) – we’re moving quite far with our own dev here and will have some announcements
  • Probably some sort of ReFi funder circle with parties clearly listed that are easy to reach out to

@tim @Xochitl


@annaalexa and @olarte - great feedback from @papa_raw on DAO Ecosystem. Would be awesome to share about the work you are doing here.

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Redstone Oracles on Celo is a good solution!

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