Celo Carbon Offsets

Hi everyone, excited to announce that we’ve started doing on-chain offsets of the Celo blockchain via Toucan, alongside offchain offsets via Wren. For more info on the overall structure, see this post by @helenamerk On-Chain Offsets.

I’m sharing here a spreadsheet with the transaction info Celo Blockchain Carbon Offsets - Google Sheets. The plan is to do this on a monthly basis prior to the upcoming month. As a reminder, the members of the multisig who are facilitating this are @nirvaan (Climate Collective), @ken (Mercy Corps Ventures), @helenamerk (Spirals), and myself (Celo Foundation). Happy to answer any questions on how we’re currently doing it, and of course open to changes as per Celo governance.

Celo Foundation


Very interesting, bullish on the offsetting use case

Hi all, we’ve continued doing the Celo blockchain offsets. Also recently partnered with Ecosapiens to allow others to participate. The Ecosapien evolves every month as we do the offset and anyone on Celo can mint the free NFT as it evolves. Check it out here Ecosapiens


Just did our latest offset for October. You can also now mint your level 4 Ecosapien too! Ecosapiens | Celosapien Open Edition