Celo Tribe University Club H1 2024 [DRAFT]

Author: @hawwal O. @Benny @Timi

Aligned Public Goods Bucket: CPG Funding Request - Grants | Educational Resources

Funding request: 60,000 cUSD


Celo Tribe is a distinguished Web3 social club for universities, dedicated to empowering individuals through meticulously crafted course materials that offer a comprehensive understanding of the Celo blockchain. Our mission is to foster knowledge, innovation, and community engagement within the ecosystem, ushering in the next line of Celo builders and founders.


In recent months, Celo Tribe Club has achieved significant milestones conducting events in schools, establishing in 18 schools, empowered students with the autonomy to host club meetings within their school, partnered with school organisations / faculty, supported and won a departmental league game which attracted thousands of students, developed our website alongside, open our various community channels, lastly, introduced engaging video courses derived from our meticulously crafted course material
Below are links to all our reports and blog articles:

Metrics and KPIs:

  • Establishment of Celo Tribe club in 13 additional schools
  • Growth on community channels across platforms
  • Creation of more video courses in languages: Spanish, French, & Portuguese
  • Partnership with more school faculties and governing organisations


We are pleased to present our new initiative called: “The Cell”

The Cell:
The Celo Tribe Club’s ambassadorship program, known as ‘The Cell,’ offers students worldwide an opportunity to earn by educating their peers about Celo using our specially crafted course materials. These student ambassadors are recognised as ‘tribal leaders’ within the program.
Below is a yet to be published banner to activate the “Cell program”:

Here is a table document outlining the various incentives for students looking to hold events within their schools:

Current status:

check out Passed prop. CGP 101

Timeline and milestones:

Club activities for the next 6 months

List of schools within scope to reach:

Tribe monthly curriculum Schedule
School activities :- Bi-weekly meetings will hold as they discuss weekly topics in the course material.
Competitions :- These will hold monthly or Bi-monthly depending on their school syllabus and school activities.
Events :- These will be organised monthly by students with catchy themes each month.
Reports :- Reports will be presented on monthly bases and bi-monthly on forum and medium

Payment Terms:

Designation Allocation ($)
The Cell program 40%
School visitations / Logistics 35%
Social 13%
Team 12%

Socials plan:-

Description Duration cost ($)
2 posts a day(graphics) with 4 motion graphics a week & 2 event videos month 1000
Total 6 months 6,000

Funding Scheme:
(Bi - Annually)
New list of schools to be updated subsequently.


Multisig wallet

@hawwal - 0xB6Bb848A8E00b77698CAb1626C893dc8ddE4927c
@Benny - 0x997f965f4155Ef86EAD287b3DBBE86B12e8e0B21
@Timi - 0xe29B0cb7C18C83c6FAd21b4b4fAA14E31c0EF7eA

Additional support/resources:

Watch video presentation here: Governance call Jan.19th
In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Celo stakeholders for birthing the “Celo Tribe” initiative. We eagerly anticipate further discussions on this project. Additionally, we are committed to collaborating with the Celo Governance Guidelines and Public Goods Funding Strategy H1 2024 initiative, to ensure that the scope of our proposal aligns seamlessly with the broader Celo ecosystem.


Super looking forward to the “Cell program” initiative where students will be able to learn and earn at the same time. Celo Tribe is indeed an interesting project and I’m glad to be onboard.

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Hello @LuukDAO I want to call your attention to the “Celo Tribe project”, we need the required feedback from the team, as we are behind schedule on the activities to be executed. Thanks.

Hello Celo Tribe Team.

This proposal was submitted multiple times before:

  • Proposal #152 OnChain
    • Votes 1,269,655 Celo
      • Abstain 409,271 Celo
      • Yes 855,204 Celo → 99,4%
      • No 5,180 Celo → 0,6%
  • Proposal #154 OnChain
    • Votes 1,402,508 Celo
      • Abstain 875,226 Celo
      • Yes 96,919 Celo. → 18,4%
      • No 430,363 Celo → 81,6%
  • Proposal #156 OnChain
    • Votes 901,640 Celo
      • Abstain 157,528 Celo
      • Yes 1,142 Celo → 0,2%
      • No 742,969 Celo → 99,8%

As you can see this proposal seems every time was submitted get more NO votes.

I would recommend you to try to generate a discussion and get some feedback on your proposal and try to get some consensus before just keep posting the proposal. I think this way could be more effectively instead of submitting a proposal and get again majority of NO.

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Hello @juanjgiraldoc Thanks for taking out your time to respond, I know you’ve had alot on your plate these past weeks as a steward and having alot of projects to attend to.
From your response above:

Each time this project was submitted onchain for voting, the quorum was never reached, The first time it was put onchain post the Governance call which took place on the 19th of Janurary, it had more YES votes as you can see here:

The second time it was put up, it also had more YES votes however the No votes had a higher weight of Celo from the picture below:

And I remember private messaging you on discord which you advised in your words that
“everyone is waiting for the new governance framework to be approved, Luuk’s proposal.
So people are abstaining from voting on new proposals until the new framework is running.”

combining all three times this project was put onchain for voting, the Abstain votes outweighed. So, I don’t think this stands as a credible grounds for a verdict. In addition there were more YES votes than No votes all 3 times combined, the No votes Celo tokens slightly outweighed the Yes votes however there were more stakeholders who voted YES to this project.

This project has been up on the forum since January 19th and was resubmitted under the new governance structure for about 3 weeks now, I believe everyone in the community must have seen it by now, and as stated, the team is more than happy to discuss this project further with anyone interested in the project.

I believe a more proper way to validate this project would be to review our traction so far which are available through our reports, and our current projection on what we intend to achieve within the next six months. Several students have private messaged me on discord and telegram requesting to hold events in their schools but we have had to hold most operations due to the current delay.

We require a proper scoring on the project, so we can advance beyond this stage. We are always more than happy to apply any advice the community wishes to share. Thanks

Hi @hawwal,

From my perspective, the current proposal doesn’t fit the Celo Grants and Requests For Proposals strategy of Celo Public Goods as your proposal is a single project and doesn’t aim to distribute grants to multiple, diverse initiatives.

The proposal’s failure to gain sufficient voter traction three times suggests that current Celo voters lack enough urgency or appetite to fund this Celo Tribe proposal.

However, I took some time to investigate your profile and Celo Tribe’s past deliverables, and I see value there. I see the following paths forward:

  • Request a Pilot grant of up to 10k cUSD from Prezenti (if their proposal passes) to showcase the potential of The Cell, with a process to bring back KPIs on chain.
  • Given all universities are located in Africa, request some resources/support from Celo Africa (if their proposal passes).
  • Rewrite this proposal for a more specific focus, lowering the ask and increasing the focus to only the particular locations and elements you consider most promising.

Hi @LuukDAO
Thanks for the feedback.
I believe from your recommendations, only prezenti will be the alternative route cause Celo Africa DAO currently doesn’t have a budget for independent grants inregards education initiatives. Also this project was presented to Prezenti before it was presented to the community through Governance, I believe @MayaRB from Prezenti can testify to that if she recalls.

I appreciate the feedback and I hope you would put in a good word for ‘Celo Tribe’ to the Prezenti team @Thylacine pending if their proposal passes.


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Hi @hawwal - hope you are keeping well. Yes, we recall your applications in Prezenti’s previous funding rounds. Should Prezenti be successful with is next/current tranche of funding, hopefully the grant applications will be open again in a few weeks (with some changes to eligibility criteria) so watch this space.


Hi Maya, thanks. I look forward to that.

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