[Proposal] Celo Tribe (web3 social club for universities)

Hello Community.

This is a detailed Report of our progress so far since we kicked off operations in May 2023.

New logo design

“Celo Tribe club” for Universities is an incubator program designed to nurture Celo’s forth coming community with the resources they require to learn and fully understand how and what they could build in Celo as they learn within their social circles and community groups.

We have reached out to 8 schools with our letters at the moment and we received positive feedbacks, however due to the seasonal activities amongst which are exams currently on in Nigerian Universities.

We decided to hold back on the physical activities and focus more on the social media growth and online community.
This lead us to establish these pages:

Below are some of the impactful posts from our social media pages:


First Medium post

Completed KPI

  • Opening of fully operational Celo Tribe social pages.

Pending KPI

  • Establishment of Celo Tribe clubs in 23 universities.
  • completion of at least 15 events and seminars in 5 months duration.

Team Members:
Team Lead: Hawwal
Project Manager: Timi @Timi
Community Manager: Benny @Benny
New Social Media manager: Bami Linktr

We’d like to apologise on the delay in providing report, moving forward, reports will be made promptly in an orderly fashion so as to keep the community updated with our progress. We’d love the community to support the movement by following our social media pages, and interacting in our group channels, (links are provided above) as we build.