[Report] Celo Tribe Club (November & December) 2023

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This is a report on our recent progress for the month November. / December 2023 for Celo Tribe Club.

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  • Celo Tribe Club Celebrates BSA’s Sporting Triumph
  • Announcing the Launch of Celo Tribe’s Web3 Video Courses

Celo Tribe Club Celebrates BSA’s Sporting Triumph

The University of Lagos still echo with the resounding cheers as the Business School Association (BSA) clinched an extraordinary triumph in the Departmental Champions League Cup 2023. Celo Tribe Club, the official sponsor of the event, joyfully joined in the revelry, basking in the glow the our shared success.

The exceptional triumphs underscore the remarkable teamwork, unwavering dedication, and indomitable spirit of the BSAites. As jubilant participants in these outstanding achievements, Celo Tribe Club extended Their warmest congratulations to the champions, lauding their prowess on the field.

The exuberance of the celebration was nothing short of extraordinary. Celo Tribe Club, hand in hand with the victors, solidified the brand as champions in the arena of support. The event garnered a substantial audience, with attendance reaching into the thousands. Celo Tribe Club proudly stood as the official banner, symbolising and celebrating the resounding success of the victors.

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Announcing the Launch of Celo Tribe’s Web3 Video Courses

As the demand for Web3 education continues to surge, Celo Tribe is thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking initiative — the launch of video courses based on the meticulously crafted course materials. This initiative aims to empower individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the Celo blockchain.

In response to an overwhelming response from enthusiastic candidates across various universities, Celo Tribe initiated the production of educational videos. These videos, led by our video tutor instructor, Adejoju a 200 level com. sci student from Covenant University, have officially been released with its first episode now available on youtube.

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Completed KPI

Team Members:
Club Lead: Hawwal
Project Manager: Timi @Timi
Community Manager: Benny @Benny
Social media management: Celo tribe handler

Conclusion: Recap Celo Tribe Club

Below is a spreadsheet of the club’s expenditure over a period of eight months:
Initial duration: five to six months.
Celo tribe funding scheme: Bi-annually

Embarking on a captivating journey of lecturing and educating university students over the past few months, we have successfully navigated challenges such as school strikes, insurgencies, and bureaucratic delays for approvals. Through strategic collaborations with influential school associations and organizations, including BSA (Business School Association) across universities, Near x Art Group, and Covenant University, we have established Celo Tribe clubs in 18 universities.

Despite ongoing efforts, our work continues to evolve. Through on-the-ground interactions with students, we have refined our approach and developed robust structures to effectively impart the necessary knowledge for students to thrive and contribute to the Celo ecosystem. This marks a pivotal step as we nurture the next generation of builders within the community.

As we advance, our focus turns to a comprehensive strategy for wide-scale education across diverse regions. We eagerly anticipate the support of the community in realizing this ambitious goal, confident that together, we can shape a future where students are empowered to grow and thrive within the Celo ecosystem.