Kohcelo | Progress Report H1 2024

Authors: Varin Pulpol (Vow), Parnaigon Yangpaksi (JD), Peerapat Wattanasin (P)

Brief Summary
During this operational period, we have successfully increased Celo’s awareness and presence among many Thai crypto users via several channels: centralized exchanges, direct message promotion, crypto communities, Twitter space, localization, meetups, and university reachout.

Koh Celo has also established a significant partnership between the Celo Foundation and Bitkub, Thailand’s largest digital asset exchange platform (No.1 Local CEX in Thailand.) This collaboration will significantly help expand Celo’s reach in the country and help boost KohCelo’s credibility. Additionally, we forged a relationship between KohCelo and Bitkub Academy to enhance blockchain education and awareness in Thailand, announcing the partnership through Facebook and Twitter to broaden awareness.

Source: Bitkub announces a partnership with Celo

We are participating in the Bitkub Roadshow 2024 in Nakhon Ratchasima (one of the three largest cities in Thailand), where KohCelo served as a speaker, promoting the application and communicating Celo’s benefits to the participants. This roadshow features the Celo and KohCelo logos as a primary one, along with the Bitkub logo on their banners. Moreover, we have utilized ProofSquare to provide the news about Celo in Thai within chat rooms, ensuring that the community receives accurate information.

To strengthen networking and community engagement, we held two crypto community meetups, the first with Atato and the second with Refi Thailand. We will also conduct three AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with Bitkub, allowing the community to ask questions and receive expert answers about Celo’s use and benefits.

Regarding education and support for entrepreneurs, we hosted Twitter Space events on topics like “Start-up Pathway” and “Being an Entrepreneur in Celo” in collaboration with Startup Pathway by Upright. These events provided opportunities for interested individuals to ask questions, share experiences, and receive guidance on starting a business with Celo. These activities helped build confidence and acceptance within the Thai crypto community.

We translated announcements and articles from Celo and the Celo Ecosystem into Thai, created Telegram and X (Twitter) groups to disseminate content and ecosystem updates tailored to the Thai audience, and produced in-depth articles on Celo’s technology and functionalities to provide valuable knowledge to users.

Finally, we identified local partners and built meaningful relationships with the crypto community in Thailand and the Celo Ecosystem by collaborating with various projects and communities such as Bitkub, Bitkub Academy, Refi Thailand, Refi Phangan, and EcoSynthesisX. We also focused on planting roots and creating strong partnerships with Celo ecosystem projects, whether RefiDAO, CeloPunk, Ubeswap, Celo AfricaDAO, ImmortalX, or Celo Camp. These partnerships effectively promoted the development and adoption of Celo blockchain technology in Thailand.

Budget and Spending
The requested budget for this epoch was 37,750 cUSD. Based on our current projections, Koh Celo will be utilized 100 percent at the end of the program.

Upcoming Achievements
Bitkub Roadshow:
The promotion for the Bitkub Roadshow 2024 has commenced, targeting four provinces in northeastern Thailand. Unlike typical meetups in Bangkok, this roadshow involves multiple events across various regional provinces. Bitkub is promoting this event through its main application, Bitkub’s primary cover photos on its Facebook page, and Bitkub’s Facebook page, which has more than 700,000 followers with all promotional materials featuring the Celo and KohCelo logos. KohCelo will present on July 27, 2024, at the Sima Thani Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima, the largest province included in this roadshow.

Link of the Example:
Bitkub’s primary cover photos on its Facebook page,
Sample Post Announcement for a Roadshow Event on Bitkub Facebook 1,
Sample Post Announcement for a Roadshow Event on Bitkub Facebook 2,
Sample Post Announcement for a Roadshow Event on Bitkub Facebook 3

AMA Sessions with Bitkub:
We have scheduled three AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with Bitkub. The first session will occur on July 11, 2024, with two additional follow-up sessions. Dates and updates will be confirmed and announced through KohCelo’s Twitter and Telegram Community.

Meetup and AMA with Refi Thailand:

KohCelo hosted its second meetup in collaboration with Refi Thailand, which was aimed at building networks and connecting with the Thai crypto community. The event included discussions and knowledge exchanges on Celo’s Blockchain, project developments, and Regenerative Finance. Details regarding the date, time, and location will be announced via KohCelo’s Twitter and Telegram channels. Additionally, an AMA with Refi Thailand is scheduled for July 5, 2024, from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm Thailand time on KohCelo’s Twitter Space.

Source: Announcing the second Celo Meetup event to be held in Bangkok, Thailand

Continuing to Seek More Partnerships:

We are actively pursuing partnerships to advance various aspects of Celo and strengthen KohCelo’s foundation in Thailand.

Ongoing Efforts:

Our ongoing efforts include translating news into Thai, engaging with the Celo Ecosystem and Community, and creating content for Celo and its ecosystem. These efforts aim to establish a solid foundation and elevate KohCelo’s branding to the next level.

Past Achievements
Focus Area 1: Localization Segment
• Translation Efforts: Successfully translated over 80 announcements, news articles, and documents from Celo and the Celo Ecosystem into Thai. These translations were disseminated primarily through KohCelo’s Twitter (X) and Telegram channels.
• Utilizing Tools: Employed the Proof Square Bot to provide news and ecosystem updates about Celo in Thai to the KohCelo Community on Telegram.
• Social Media Impact: Achieved over 87,000 impressions on KohCelo’s Twitter (X) account.

Source: x.com
• Startup Pathway Support: Translated documents into Thai for entrepreneurs in collaboration with Startup Pathway by Upright. Additionally, KohCelo team members and community participants were involved in the program, relaying valuable information back to the Thai community. This included hosting an Incubator Program on KohCelo’s Twitter Space.

Focus Area 2: Community Buildup & Crypto Events Outreach
• Social Media Growth: Increased KohCelo’s follower count to over 620 on Twitter (X) and expanded the Telegram community to over 265 active members.
• Event Organization: Organized the inaugural KohCelo Meetup in Thailand during SEA Blockchain Week, co-hosted with Atato on April 22, 2024, in Bangkok. The event highlighted projects building on Celo, such as Valora, ImmortalX, Startup Pathway by Upright, and Celo Camp.

Source: Summary of the first Celo Meetup event held in Bangkok, Thailand

• Incubator Program: One Incubator program, Startup Pathway, was hosted on KohCelo’s Twitter Space.
• NFT Giveaway: Conducted an NFT giveaway activity with the support of Thai KOLs to promote the event.
• Guest Speaker Engagement: Participated as a guest speaker in the 24/7 space by LetsGrowDAO, representing KohCelo and introducing Celo.
• Content Sharing: Over 140 updates about various activities on Celo were shared.
• Networking: The KohCelo team met in Bangkok with Jimi, the Founder of Treegens.

Focus Area 3: PR and Education Content Segment

• Article Creation: Produced over 34 in-depth articles about Celo’s technology, functionalities, and ecosystem.
• Partnership Facilitation: Successfully facilitated an official partnership between the Celo Foundation and Bitkub, resulting in widespread Thai media coverage. Examples of the coverage include:

Focus Area 4: Partnerships and Products Segment

Throughout this period, KohCelo has actively collaborated with various partners to advance the adoption and development of blockchain technology in Thailand and within the Celo Ecosystem. Key partnerships we have officially announced include:

• Thai Local Projects and Community:

  • Bitkub Academy: Announced an official partnership with Bitkub Academy and planned to do various activities together.

  • Refi Thailand: Partnered with Refi Thailand, who participated in the inaugural KohCelo Meetup.

  • Refi Phangan: Invited Co-Founder of Refi Phangan as a guest speaker at the inaugural KohCelo Meetup, fostering mutual information sharing.

  • EcoSynthesisX: Invited Co-Founder of EcoSynthesisX as a guest speaker at the inaugural KohCelo Meetup, supporting mutual information sharing.

• Celo Ecosystem:

These achievements reflect KohCelo’s commitment to fostering growth, education, and community engagement within the Celo Ecosystem in Thailand.


Past Achievements

KohCelo has made significant strides in promoting the Celo ecosystem in Thailand. Our efforts in localization, community building, PR, and strategic partnerships have laid a solid foundation for continued growth. Key achievements include translating over 80 documents, creating over 30 content articles, achieving substantial social media engagement, organizing successful events, and establishing influential partnerships. These accomplishments reflect our commitment to fostering a robust and engaged community around Celo’s blockchain technology.

Ongoing Achievements

Our ongoing initiatives demonstrate our relentless pursuit of furthering the Celo ecosystem. The Bitkub Roadshow, scheduled AMA sessions with Bitkub, and collaboration with Refi Thailand are crucial steps in expanding our reach and influence. These activities, combined with our continuous efforts in content creation and community engagement, ensure that we remain at the forefront of the blockchain community in Thailand.

Future Initiatives

To build on our past successes and ongoing efforts, we will focus on the following:

  1. Enhanced Localization: Continue translating Celo-related announcements, news, and educational materials into Thai to ensure accessibility for the local community.

  2. Community Engagement: Organize regular meetups, AMA sessions, and collaborative events with partners to foster a vibrant and interactive community.

  3. Content Creation: Produce articles and tutorials about Celo’s technology and ecosystem to educate and engage our audience.

  4. Strategic Partnerships: Seek and establish new partnerships with local and international entities to further strengthen KohCelo’s network and influence.

  5. Social Media Expansion: Increase our presence on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and enhance community interaction.

  6. Event Participation: Actively participate in and host events that promote Celo blockchain

Technology and the Celo ecosystem, ensuring continuous visibility and relevance.

By focusing on these areas, KohCelo aims to continue its mission of advancing the adoption and development of Celo in Thailand, fostering a supportive and informed community that drives innovation and growth.

Full Spreadsheet Summary
KohCelo H1 Report

KohCelo Social Media Channel:
KohCelo Twitter (X)
KohCelo Community Telegram


Impressive work Bro! Well done!


Thank you @Vow for sharing KohCelo’s H1 report. The progress made in promoting Celo within the Thai crypto community is impressive. Really excited and grateful for some of this Key Achievements:

  1. Increased Awareness:

    • Partnership with Bitkub, Thailand’s largest digital asset exchange, significantly boosts Celo’s credibility and reach.
    • Effective promotion through various channels, including meetups, Twitter spaces, and direct messaging.
  2. Educational Initiatives:

    • Successful events like the Bitkub Roadshow and collaborations with Bitkub Academy enhance blockchain education.
    • Hosting meetups, AMA sessions, and Twitter Spaces to engage and educate the community.
  3. Localization:

    • Translation of over 80 announcements and articles into Thai.
    • Active Telegram and Twitter groups with over 87,000 impressions.
  4. Strategic Partnerships:

    • Building relationships with local entities like Refi Thailand and international projects within the Celo ecosystem.

Also want to highlight the effectiveness Budget Utilization:

  • Efficient use of the 37,750 cUSD budget, with a projected full utilization by the end of the program.

Overall, KohCelo has made significant strides in promoting Celo in Thailand :thailand:

The initiatives and partnerships formed provide a strong foundation for continued growth and engagement. I look forward to seeing the ongoing success of KohCelo.

Thank you @Vow and Team for your hard work and dedication :muscle:


Hello @juanjgiraldoc,

Thanks so much for the awesome feedback! We’re super excited about the progress we’ve made with KohCelo, and it’s great to hear you’re impressed.

The Bitkub partnership has been huge for us, and all the events and collaborations are really helping to spread the word about Celo here in Thailand. Translating content and engaging with the community on Telegram and Twitter has been so rewarding.

Appreciate you pointing out our budget management too. We’ve worked hard to make the most of it, and it’s nice to see it recognized.

Thanks again for the support, bro. Means a lot! Looking forward to more success together.


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Hello @Frerehugi,

Thank you so much for the kind words and support. I’m really happy to have the backing of my Immortals and Celorians brothers throughout this journey. Your support means everything to me and keeps me motivated. :heart: :heart:

Best Bro,

Impressive work, really! The Bitkub partnership is top notch :wink:

I’d like to understand what are KohCelo plans for Devcon, we’re not that many months away from the event. Will Celo and Bitkub join forces? Any rough planning you can share?

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