LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

Nice to know, do you have a contact to reach out?


Sure, we can grow the Celo Ecosystem in Colombia together.
You can reach out through our socials or by email.


Instagram and Twitter!


Hey, at ReFi Spring we created a group to discuss ReFi in Colombia. Also, we are in contact with an event organizer building an event in Medellin. Feel free to reach me out at @MarceloReFi (Twt and Telegram).


Hi All!

:red_circle: Important disclosure :red_circle:

I am engaged in this DAO with community members on my spare time, on my personal capacity. Crypto/Web3 is an iterative space with ever-changing opportunities and options to connect. I saw the opportunity to join a grassroots initiative and here I am. Thus, let me properly introduce myself.

My name is Camila and I was born in Brasilia, the capital of my beloved Brasil. Growing up I was an athlete and very active: from gymnastics to judo, from classical ballet to circus (Aerial Silk was my specialty), I experimented a lot with the frontiers of creativity and body expression. That certainly impacted me in many ways. Moving forward with my career I became a lawyer, and was active in the field for >10years. That took a lot of my time (meaning I could not keep up the 3+ hours daily training of the activities above), but I certainly carried my creativity and other tricks (pun intended) to work as it shaped the way I understand it.

I started exploring in the intersection of law and technology around 2015. I built a start up to render legal services “hacking the law” with different tech tools, and nurtured a global movement called “Legal Hackers” by leading it in São Paulo. I eventually fell in love with the idea of hacking not only the law but the society and its systems, and got into web3 with my own company in 2019.

Thus, I am here joining forces with all of you to explore the intersection of web3 and real world use cases to solve real problems.


Love to help organizing this ReFi event in Medellín. :green_heart:
Please sent us a DM @Marcelo


The approval of these proposals is essential, as its goal is precisely what CELO needs: to attract people to the ecosystem. Brazil, in particular, lacks this development, and where there is a lack, there is an opportunity. We need these projects on the ground as soon as possible. Let’s make it happen.


Looking forward to collaborating with you.


hello Mila thanks for the proposal! and all your good and centered responses to the many reactions.

Just a quick suggestion, I love the idea of “converting” successful projects from web2 to Celo… I was wondering if also converting or adopting projects from other blockchains could be cool too. That would be the case with Cambiatus for example, we are currently running on EOSIO but looking to explore how can we interact or move to Celo altogether. And that requires support!


Karla - TY for taking the time to read trough this. I believe something like you are suggesting could be a great fit for item 2 of this proposal, as item 1 is specifically focused on Web2 >> Web3.

Item 2 is aimed at collabs and will be done in partnership with ecosystem Founders. So I believe this is one of the cases to be discussed in this realm once the DAO is up and running.


Actually @karlacordoba - there is also space for nurturing native web3 solutions on item 1 too (see subitem ii). So I guess its a matter of priority X opportunities X needs. E.g: a hackathon proposal to make more community currencies OR a direct need form Cambiatus for dev support (…)


Hello all! :wave:

Happy to share we submitted a PR for merge on the main repo, with minor adjustments.
We are looking forward to see your support in the voting when we go via Onchain Governance.

Check the PR:


Hi all! I’m Gabriel also on the multisig. I truly believe this proposal is a relevant one, which can collaborate to the development of impactful blockchain-based solutions to the most pressure problems across LatAm.

Looking forward to see this approval to strengthen the contribution of our community!


Hello everyone,

My name is Santiago Mora, and I am a proud member of the multisig team. I want to express my strong support for the Latam proposal, which I believe can make a meaningful contribution to the development of blockchain-based solutions to the most pressing problems in Latin America.

As a member of the Celo community, I believe that we have a responsibility to use our skills and expertise to create positive change in the world. The Latam proposal is an excellent opportunity for us to do just that, by harnessing the power of blockchain to address critical issues such as financial inclusion, healthcare, and education.

I am thrilled to be a part of this community and to see the progress we have made so far. But there is still much work to be done, and I believe that the Latam proposal can help us take a significant step forward in achieving our goals.

Thank you for your attention and support.


Hello ! I’m Martina, from Argentina and on the multisig!
I am really looking forward to this approval so we can start pushing Celo Latam ecosystem with different activations :raised_hands:t3:


Ready for Voting (Proposal 92):

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For disclosure,

The final conformation of Multisign is the following:

  • Martina Mendoza - Community builder, networker, focus on using blockchain to innovate with impact. Building @ wooy
  • Camila Rioja - I drive vision and strategy to accomplish goals and onboard the next billion users
  • Gabriel Ribenboin - Changemaker focused on innovative finance towards a fairer and more regenerative economy.
  • Cristobal Pereira - Teaching and mentorship experience, to help others build the solutions that Latin America needs.
  • Santiago Mora - Entrepreneur creating financial services through efficient and accessible solutions for businesses and consumers alike. Bringing the gap between web3 and the the rest of the world.
  • Juan José Giraldo - Enterpreneur, Founder, Blockchain advocate and tecnical skills about communities and Blockchain.
  • Martín Volpe - Partner, Engineering at cLabs
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Hi all! In the interest of compliance and best practices I chose to disclose the wallet I am using in the multisig here: 0x93408CCE41f10E6e9F5943b17B47D0CB609b4AFe


Hello. My name is Santiago Mora, I am also sharing my wallet being used for the Multisign here:



Hi All! My name is Cristobal Pereira, I’m also sharing my wallet being used for the Multisig here: 0x6B53D803d03dd89e6C997a902664A795c6B4f3e6