LatAm W3 DAO Proposal

Hello everyone! Very exciting to see this initiative!
I run an accelerator in Colombia and live on the caribbean coast and excited to start
onboarding people on Celo there, lots of opportunity and lots to do!
Got experience in running events, building and running hackathons and have worked in Venture Builders as well (Web2 but gotta start somewhere :slight_smile:
Count on me for Colombia and the Caribbean!


Look forward to having resources to collab with you!

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Hey @MilaRioja and team! Luuk from Kolektivo here! Weโ€™ve been incubating Web 3.0 communities in the Caribbean region for over 4 years.

We started in 2018 as the Caribbean Blockchain Network and have organized multiple events and programs in the Caribbean. Big fan of this proposal and eager to collaborate more with the Latam Region!

We hosted the Curacao Blockchain Week back in 2019 and more recently hosted the Kolektivo Festival, a ReFi + Innovation festival with over 700 attendees. We onboarded nearly 300 people to our Kolektivo Wallet (built on Celo) at the event! Iโ€™m now in touch with other Caribbean leaders to prepare for ETHCaribbean somewhere in May / June next year. If there is room to include the Caribbean in this budget, we can get a lot done!


Amazing!!! Excited about ETHCaribbean :heart: and onboarding more communities throughout Latam and Caribbean :raised_hands:t3: