Working in the open at cLabs: milestone kickoff

Hey, this is Audrey, one of the engineering leads at cLabs. Today, I’m announcing a new effort towards working in the open, in which each of the engineering teams will regularly share what they’re working on and why it’s important.

Internally, we’re working in milestones of about 6 weeks (though, this first one is slightly shorter at 4.5 weeks). A milestone begins with planning, which is followed by several weeks of implementation, and then reflecting on it all before starting again. The first milestone begins on July 18. Over the next couple days, you can expect to get a glimpse into what the cLabs engineering teams are up to, and what they’re thinking about. At the end of the milestone, we’ll share our progress and what we’ve learned.

It’s our hope that by talking about our work in this open forum, we’ll foster more connection among the humans building on Celo (inside and outside of cLabs), discover opportunities for collaboration, and deepen our collective understanding of what we’re working on together. So, if a team’s work catches your interest, please chime in!

I’ll keep this thread updated with the team’s posts as they roll in.

Team posts:


Love the initiative and move toward transparency. Thanks for doing this.

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This is amazing! Also noticed that cLabs have a lot milestone kickoffs and encourage everyone to check out this section Developers - Celo Forum

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thanks for the update, Audrey

Thats great visibility you are bringing. I also like to see the themes chosen.