Milestone Kickoff: Applications & Payments

We’re the Applications & Payments team at cLabs. We work on things like react-celo (formerly use-contractkit), celo-safe, various payments projects, and actually quite a lot of other projects. Today we’d like to add our goals to the cLabs open milestone kickoff.

  1. React Celo v4.1 - We’re doing a deep refactor of the inner workings of react-celo. This will greatly improve reliability and set us up for switching from Web3/contractkit to ethersjs.
  2. Celo Safe Support - We’re actively working on improving celo safe. We’ve recently added uniswap support and we’re going to be adding extra WalletConnect support to allow even more celo safe integrations.
  3. Payments Debit API - Our final goal is to release a new API server that will allow dapps to integrate with Celo and debit card payments. This is the first (and biggest) step towards allowing stable coin holders to spend them anywhere the major debit cards are accepted.

Hi Daniel,
PrimusMoney would be a user of the Payments SDK to let merchants convert their cUSDs into fiat money on their bank accounts. If by any chance you are in Paris next week for ethCC, maybe we could meet in person to have a technical discussion on the subject. If not, we could plan a GoogleMeet one of these days.

I’ve published a video on YouTube on a use case we are particularly interested in PayMyBill, paying your utility bills from overseas with Celo - YouTube - there is a lot of similarities with your demo at Celo Connect Barcelona. I’m in contact with Subha and we have been talking about the commonalities that would be useful for any merchant using Celo.

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Sure thing, @Frederic. I’ll set some time for the three of us to connect.

Hi @ssubram11 , sounds great!

We are starting to design the architecture for the integration. We are thinking of a backoffice integration, most probably in a Nodejs server where merchant’s private keys would be secured in a vault in their backoffice. Looking forward to go into the details in a live conversation.

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Question on Celo Safe - why was this forked and deployed separately to Gnosis? Is it out of beta and recommended for production / large scale usage?

Is Celo not attractive enough for Gnosis to deploy their native version and keep up to date?

Originally it was forked because Gnosis wasn’t able to support it. We continue to maintain the fork now because the Gnosis team doesn’t have the bandwidth to add another chain currently. We are adding a few more features to the safe before we plan to remove the beta tag.

Here’s our end of milestone update:

  1. React Celo - Version 4.1 is out! You can find it here - @celo/react-celo - npm
  2. Celo Safe Support - We’ve just finished up integrating Celo Safe + WalletConnect + UniSwap. We plan to do a celo safe release including this integration in the coming days.
  3. Payments Debit API - One of the partners we were integrating with ran into some issues with their backing bank. We have found a new way forward and are getting back on track. We should have the beginnings of the new API integration working this week.

During this milestone we were able to also provide support on a number of issues.

  • We were able to help version 1.6 of celocli
  • We released an update to our SDKs specifically ContractKit version 2.1
  • We also upgraded our projects to use the newest version of Typescript, version 4.7
  • We were able to separate the Alfajores Faucet project from the monorepo into its own repository