Milestone Kickoff: Yield

Hello all, we are the team yield at cLabs: @m-chrzan, @montera82, Seb and me.

As @yerdua introduced, we are committed to work more in the open and have set up a milestone process for that: the first is starting next Monday (July 18) until August 18, about 4.5 weeks.

Our goals for the coming milestone are focused on the launch of the Celo native liquid staking protocol stCELO, namely:

  • Launch a WebApp to enable end users to stake and unstake $CELO ↔ $stCELO
  • Launch a bot that ensures all transactions necessary for a successful staking and unstaking are mined within a short time (so that users don’t have to create these transactions themselves)
  • Support the team at Mobius to launch a pool for the exchange of $CELO ↔ $stCELO

We’d love to hear from more community members that would like to integrate stCELO and are committed to help anyone that wishes to do so! We’d also appreciate feedback on the protocol in general, and on the focus we have determined for the next couple of weeks.


PS: quick reminder that we’ve launched the suite of smart contracts for stCELO at the beginning of July and the source code can be found here.