Milestone Kickoff: Team Yield Aug-Sep

Dear community, we’ve started another ~6 week milestone which will end on Wed, Sep 28.

Our goals for this milestone are focused on the further development of StakedCelo, in particular:

  1. Increase StakedCelo adoption
  2. Improve the operational stability of the WebApp
  3. Introduce public StakedCelo analytics
  4. Improve WebApp and Protocol
    Specifically, we want to fix small issues discovered from live usage and come up with a thorough plan of how the next version of the protocol will look like (which will include smart contract level changes, which are beyond the scope of this milestone)

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Any feedback is much appreciated and will impact greatly what we are working on and building for you, the community. Feel free to respond below or in a dm.

The team: Seb, @pahor, @montera82, @m-chrzan, @matt