Milestone Kickoff: Team Primitives Oct-Nov

Dear community, we’ve started another ~6 week milestone which will end on Wed, Nov 16. Note that we’ve changed our team name to Primitives, as we will also be working on other core primitives of Celo besides StakedCelo in the future.

Our goals for this milestone are focused two-fold: First, on improving core primitives of Celo other than StakedCelo. Second, on the further development and growth of StakedCelo

  1. Core primitives
  • Fix CeloSafe deployment
  • Ensure single addresses can represent different voting decisions simultaneously for Celo governance (yes/no/abstain)
  1. StakedCelo
  • Ensure the set of validators is participating in consensus as expected and delivering max epoch rewards
  • Spec out scalability and decentralization plans
  • Increase StakedCelo adoption

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Any feedback is much appreciated and will impact greatly what we are working on and building for you, the community. Feel free to respond below or in a dm.

The team: @soloseng, Pavel, @montera82, @m-chrzan, @martinvol, @matt