Milestone Kickoff: Oracles and Issuances

Hi all!

We’re the Oracles and Issuances team at cLabs working on launching/supporting/decentralizing oracles and leading new Stablecoin launches in the future. Today, we’d like to add our goals for clabs Milestone Kickoff.

To further promote working in the open, the cLabs Oracles & Issuances team will be working on:


  • Onboarding our first partner running an Oracle. To do so, this includes deploying RG contracts for payment rewards, and bug fixes as we go through our first integration.
  • Identifying our second set of partners that we can bring to a Gov Proposal and begin work to deploy.
  • If interested to host an Oracle please reach out here.

Stablecoin Support Improvements

  • Currently exploring ways to strengthen Stablecoin support and liquidity and will be sharing more information soon. So far, we have engaged in conversations to improve HummingBot to support arbitrage limitations, and we have made significant progress on defining GigaMento.

The team:
@martinvol @ninabarbakadze @pedro-clabs @nimittank