Milestone Kickoff: Data Services

Hello everyone! :wave:

We (@valentin and @mattdkim) are leading cLabs Data Services team. We are the team behind powering and data analytics at cLabs. We’d like to share what the team worked on in Q2’22, and what our focus is over the next 5 weeks!

Launched in Q2’22

Next milestone (July, 18th - August, 17th) Data Services is going to focus on the following goals:

  • Epoch Txs []
    • Adding epoch transactions in, enabling users to see epoch rewards, locked/unlocked values of addresses, and other epoch transactions e.g. transactions to community fund
  • EIP-1155 Support []
  • Data Replication Enhancement [internal infrastructure]
    • Improve data freshness in cLabs analytics pipeline and reduce it to 1 hour, ensuring more accurate and up-to-date data with the dashboards and cLabs business analytics.
  • Dashboard Enhancements []
    • Adding more metrics, graphs, and definitions to dashboards launched in Q2

You can join us on #data-celo-explorer channel on Celo Discord! Also, please feel free to reach out on Discord at matt | cLabs#9132 if you have any feature requests or questions :slight_smile: