H1 2023 Data Services Team Roadmap

Hey Celo Community :wave:

As a response to the recent publication of the 2023 cLabs roadmap, the Data Services team is committed to providing further transparency on 2023 team-specific objectives. The following provides visibility into key focus areas our team will be focused on in the 1st half of 2023:

context: Data Services currently provide Blockscout API, Celo Explorer, and Forno

Providing Data Tools

  1. Webhooks | Celo on-chain webhooks will allow developers and community to listen to specific events or addresses, and receive responses. Users will be able to set triggers on either specific events, contracts, or Externally Owned Addresses (EOA), simplifying building real-time features such as notification.

  2. Accounts and auth token | Currently, cLabs provides Blockscout API and Forno for anyone to read/write data on-chain. However, as the Celo network and its projects grow, it is becoming increasingly necessary for cLabs to implement authentication tokens for its services in order to provide great quality of service. With this initiative, users will be required to obtain auth tokens to use new services (Webhooks, NFT API), and cLabs will announce the migration plan for Forno and Blockscout APIs further down the road.

  3. NFT API | With the growth of NFTs on Celo, cLabs is planning on providing APIs to easily retrieve NFT data, including ownership, collections, and NFT Metadata.

Aside from data tools, Data Services is exploring an idea of providing an off-chain attribution dataset (i.e. data label) for the community to derive valuable insights with Celo blockchain data (e.g. exchanges, bots, contract metadata). We are partnering with MakerDojo for this initiative, and will share more as we make progress.

Stay tuned for more updates on both the blog and forum. We’ll continue to keep the community updated as we learn more and start building. In the meantime, feedback is always welcome - please leave comments and share your thoughts, and we look forward to a meaningful collaboration with all of you as we work towards helping the Celo ecosystem thrive!


Great set of tooling. :clap: :clap: :clap:
About the Webhooks, it’d be great to be able to pass arrays of inputs (events, contracts, EOA), and combinations of them if possible (events X, Y, Z, from contracts A, B, C). Thanks


Hey, I am Lynn from Footprint Analytics.
We have parsed the Celo chain last year. You can check here .

And our analysts have created some Celo Dashboards, too.

And we have listed Celo on our Data API, too.

I want to know what you want us to do to make it more profitable for the developers?


@LynnTsang thank you for sharing!

Are you planning on supporting Celo for the NFT API as well near term?

I couldn’t find info on pricing/ rate limits, are there any with Footprint APIs?

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Hey mattdkim.
Nice to have your reply.

We have parsed Celo data but didn’t decode NFT data yet. We have coverd Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Solana’s NFT data now.
And Celo NFT data is in our plan, but may not be a particularly high priority at the moment. Our priorities are ranked according to user requirements and market trends.

Of course if Celo team can provide support and resources, I think we can parse it in advance. We would love to help you speed up the implementation of this Roadmap. :handshake:
Can we have a deeper chat in telegram? Telegram: Contact @LynnZeng01

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