H1 2023 Partner Engineering Roadmap

Hey Celo Community :wave:

As a response to the recent publication of the 2023 cLabs roadmap, the Partner Engineering team is committed to providing further transparency on 2023 team-specific objectives. The following provides visibility into key focus areas our team will be focused on in the 1st half of 2023:

  1. Strategic Partnerships:

2022 brought forward a lot of key partners to the Celo ecosystem including, but not limited to:

H1 2023 serves to leverage Celo community feedback and continue forward to provide the Celo community the best all-around experience.

Looking towards focus areas for H1 2023 focuses on diving deeper into target uses cases including:

  • ETH-friendly developer tooling
  • Regenerative Finance (ReFi)
  • Telecommunications
  1. Regenerative Finance (ReFi) Exploration

In aligning specifically to Celoโ€™s ReFi mission, cLabs will look to double down on exploring new marketplaces and tooling that will help ReFi developers build, launch, and scale within the Celo ecosystem.

In parallel, we vocally acknowledge the importance of tracking and managing our carbon footprint and are focused on building tools to enable the Celo community to do so.

Looking forward, we need the following support:

  • Migrating projects to Celo: Feedback provides a valuable voice to help prioritize potential projects to pursue via partnerships, while introductions significantly help expedite the project migration process.

  • Tooling requirements: As the climate space continues to evolve, feedback on current / future tooling requirements needs allows us to narrow focus on enabling the most demanded / mission-aligned use cases. Concurrently, feedback on whether existing tools are sufficient helps us improve future project evaluations.

Stay tuned for more updates on both the blog and forum. Weโ€™ll continue to keep the community updated as we learn more and start building. In the meantime, feedback is always welcome - please leave comments and share your thoughts, and we look forward to a meaningful collaboration with all of you as we work towards helping the Celo ecosystem thrive!