S12 Planning: People Circle

Hello everyone,

My name is Julia Velloso and I am the Planning Steward for the People Circle working group. While our season 12 (aka first quarter of the year) is well underway, we’d like to share our current focus and welcome your input! (More info on our Season Planning process here)

Our Purpose at the People Circle:
We enable great places to work and connect in the Celo ecosystem.

A view of the the last season (Season 11)

  • Our Talent Collective – we really enjoyed connecting across so many projects to co-create a great place for people to find jobs in the Celo ecosystem, and filled a handful of roles at the Celo Foundation.
  • Our Office Communities – we conducted a search for an office and events steward for each of our San Francisco and Berlin office spaces, supporting a welcoming space with energizing events and community. We hosted over a dozen events big and small across our 3 offices (SF, Berlin, NYC).
  • How we work together at the Celo Foundation – we continued improving our back-of-house processes, launched a number of learning & development programs including self-serve learning tools on Lessonly, and continued our virtual coffee connect sessions.

Goals for our current Season 12

  • Our Talent Collective – fostering a healthy pool of open roles across the Celo ecosystem (Goal: 20+ openings across 10+ ecosystem partners) Post roles and find mission-aligned talent at https://celo.pallet.com/ and reach out to us at talentcollective@celo.org. We’ll also roll out a helpful Open Source Talent Engine playbook.
  • Our Office Communities – welcomed new stewards; we’re excited to keep growing our local communities in and around our office spaces in SF, NYC, and Berlin. We often have events happening in SF and Berlin – get in touch with us if you’d like to host an event, suggest an offering, or work in our space! Do that here or reach out to Mark Black directly for our SF office. (Goals: Operationalize our in-office experience; host 12+ events in SF and 5 events between our Berlin and NYC offices.)
  • How we work together at the Celo Foundation – expanding our learning tools for mentorship, nonviolent communication, and collective learning in our passion areas like ReFi. (Goals: Build 3 learning & development programs, along with expanding our practices for connection, and all the regular HR things needed to support the team and run an organization.)

Your feedback
What sounds exciting or interesting or helpful to you here? Do you have ideas for us to build community and events in our local offices? Would you like to help host events in any of our 3 offices? Would you like to talk about building your team or creating great culture within your team? We’d love to hear from you—and hope to see you soon IRL in one of our spaces.

All of us on the People Circle – Julia, Grace, Mark (SF), Luca (advisor for Talent Collective)