S11 Planning: Local Ecosystem

Hello everyone,

My name is Mila and I am the Planning Steward for the Local Ecosystem working group along with @Aliu, @meltems and @banktheworld . As part of Season 11 Planning, we would like to share details about our plans for the upcoming season. If you are unfamiliar with the Season Planning process at the Celo Foundation, we would recommend taking a look at the forum post introducing the Season Planning Process.

With this post, our goal is to introduce more transparency into the work we’re doing at the Celo Foundation as well as ask for your feedback on the plan and activities listed below.

Working Group Purpose

Provide Tools for the Growth and Empowering of Local Ecosystems Around the World

While blockchain is a global technology, we believe that the Purpose of Celo as a community can only be fulfilled when grassroots actions are undertaken by the local communities. Our role in this journey is to provide the tools (e.g. incentives, structure, support) so that innovation and growth opportunities arise from within the communities that will be developing, using and profiting from such technologies created – starting from a local standpoint, but with potential for global impact in the broader Celo community – and beyond.

This Working Group focuses on experimenting with strategies and tools that can potentially enable the onboarding of the next billion into crypto through the actions, technologies and strategies of locals.

A View of The the Last Season

While all regions have specificities towards market maturity, opportunities, stage of community development and resources, generally the Circle focuses on the following areas:

  • Awareness and educational initiatives through social media;
    • +14 social media channels launched and nurtured
    • +60 lives/spaces and office hours hosted in the channels
  • Events for learning, hacking and discussing Web3 technologies;
    • +20 events (from meet ups to conferences and talks)
  • Community and Partner engagement and support (also in relation to other Foundation programs);
    • Support through meetings and events
  • Strategic alliances;
    • Collaborations with Organizations through Alliance for Prosperity.
    • Development of relations in the local markets

For more granularity on some country-specific initiatives, please refer to the below.

  • Africa

    • Launched Web3 Founder tour to to educate founders on Web3 technology, connect to local investors.
    • Worked with community members to draft Regional DAO proposal to shift decision making directly to the local community.
    • Worked with the community to host monthly university events across Africa
    • Launch monthly developers engagement programs in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda
    • Celo Ecosystem Ghana community launch in a bid to encourage more community engagement
  • Asia

    • Onboarding new EcoLead to the Celo Foundation.
    • Assessing strategies and channels to grow the ecosystem.
    • Speaking engagements in Buidl Asia 2022 (South Korea)
    • Mapping the local ecosystem and contacting community members.
    • [Social Media]
      • Launch of 4 Social media channels (KakaoTalk, Telegram, Instagram, and Discord) in Korean.
      • More than 46 articles translated into Korean and shared in the above channels.
  • Latin America

    • +15 events held and/org engaged in LatAm, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Minas Gerais (Brazil); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Santiago (Chile); San Salvador (El Salvador); Panama City (Panamá); Medellin (Colombia).
    • Launch of 10 social media channels (Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Telegram and Discord) in Portuguese and Spanish
    • +50 lives/spaces and office hours hosted in the channels
    • Production of educational content in Portuguese and Spanish
  • Founder support through partnerships with local incubators, Web3 programs and projects, meetings and office hours

  • DAO draft of DAO proposal with the community (WIP)

  • Europe & Middle East
    *Valora, Celo native mobile wallet, is translated into Turkish to onboard more users from Turkey into the Celo ecosystem and enable the users to make use of Supercharge rewards for cUSD and cEUR.

    • We have been working on increased visibility in social and launched Twitter accounts for Turkey and MENA through ambassadors program.
    • Turkey Telegram has already been in use with approx. 750 members.

Looking Outward

  • While the global traditional and crypto markets have experienced a downturn, there is an even more pressing opportunity arising from emerging markets strong positioning towards crypto adoption to read world use cases (e.g. inclusion and credit access); Regenerative Finances (as a way to protect natural and cultural heritages) and intersection of ReFi and CeFi.

For this reason, the upcoming season focus is creating and announcing the structure and tools that will allow for a sustainable growth, while assessing the impact of such an initiative still in 2022.

Goals for the upcoming Season 11

While each Region has its own specific strategy and nuances on the best ways of implementation, the Objectives and Milestones are shared as the work undertaken by parties benefits from our collective intelligence and learnings.

Key Milestones and Dates

Structure milestones will be due 1st week of November, while Growth milestones will be due by EOY.

Key Result Owner
Objective: Set Strong Structure to Nurture the Next Billion
KR1: Regional DAO Proposals Meltem, Mila, Kyle
KR2: Scope Activities of Regional Alliance For Prosperity (“RAFP”) and Publish Program + Call for Enrollment and Membership Renewal Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle
KR3: Defining and Publishing Community Engagement Paths, Supporting Material, Channels and Agenda Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle
Objective: Growth Path Forward
KR1.1: Launch DAOs and at least one activity by EOY Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle
KR2.1: Onboard members for the RAFP + Host kick off meeting Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle
KR3.1: Publish KR3 materials, launch the remaining country-specific social media channels and grow existing base (builders, active projects, followers) Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle
KR4: Web3 Tour to Engage the Ecosystem Aliu, Meltem, Mila, Kyle

Upcoming Key Events

  • Africa

    • Complete the Africa Web3 Founder Tour while connecting local founders to investors
    • Africa Tech Summit, London - November
  • Asia

    • ETHIndia - December
  • Europe & Middle East

    • Future Blockchain Summit, Dubai (10-13 Oct)
    • Istanbul Tech Week (2-4 Nov)
    • Istanbul Blockchain Week, Istanbul (14-17 Nov)
    • Web Summit, Lisbon (1-4 Nov)
    • Blockchain Expo 2022 London (1-3 Dec)
    • Web3 Ecosystem Tour (Major European cities to introduce Structure milestones, connect to founders and onboard RAFP members).
  • LatAm

    • DevCon (Bogota, Oct 10-14)
    • ETH Medellin (Medellin, Oct 18-22)
    • Web3 Ecosystem Tour (Major LatAm cities to introduce Structure milestones, connect to founders and onboard RAFP members).

Your feedback

We would love your feedback on this post. Please share your thoughts on the areas that we’re working on, what you think we should be doing more or less of, and how we can improve. We truly believe that we can get better with the inputs from you all in the community and we look forward to it.



Hi all! Following up the above, wanted to share the LatAm DAO was proposed last week. Here is the link for your ease of reference (and comments!!!)


As a second follow up on the above, I wanted to share the recap for #DEVCON. During the week “Celo Casa”, a fixed hacker house was launched by James Downer, and different activities took place in it.

One of such activities organized by me was a LatAm Day, in which we discussed and heard from the community on the topics of:

  • Season 11 Planning
  • LatAm DAO
  • cCOP (Celo Colombian Peso) proposal

Here is the link for the tweet thread: https://twitter.com/CeloOrg/status/1582750653385871360?s=20&t=JvuQ6qtc4m0oLzu8a0tQiw ! Thank you @Beve83 for such great recap of all days!


Hi There! As a third follow up here I would like to invite @juanjgiraldoc to tell how Medellin event took place, the discussions around cCOP and the fact TWO artists did a live drop on https://ariswap.net/ ! @alejandroglatt you are super welcome to contribute (as you were crucial part of this!!!)


Hey there! Fourth FUP is here :slight_smile:

As regards the Regional Alliance For Prosperity, its important to re-iterate our commitment to grass roots activities and connections, with a “local first, with global reach approach”. Thus, igniting local chapters to foster and address local needs (preferably led by local ambassadors) seems like a relevant step forward.

Certainly we will need funds and people to push this forward, but this is the plan we would like you to contribute to improving:

As for the links to engage, here are the Africa and the LatAm engagement forms!

Looking forward to your comments!



We hosted a Celo Meetup during ETHMedellín in Hash House Club (The most important space in Medellín to talk about Crypto and Blockchain), in company with ChainLink.

Here is the link to the tweet of ETHMedellín: https://twitter.com/EthMedellin/status/1582950244446109696?s=20&t=3uU0X5HqQskxgfFN6-46bw

And here the link of the tweet of HashHouse:

During the meetup we made a brief presentation about Celo Ecosystem and share the proposal about $cCOP with the community.
Community seems passionate about this proposal and want to have it as soon as possible.
People said that lenguages barrier are so high so they ask for a post in Spanish, that’s why I decide to made another post for the proposal in Spanish, here is the link:

During this event we minted 36 POAPs for assitance with Poap.xyz

Two artists made his drops in AriGallery @AriGallery

**Remote People by @Ferrig **

Papayas en Celo by: @alejandroglatt

Finally we get a tour to Comuna13 and meet some ONG that works with local people and we are planning to Onboard one of this communities to ImpactMarket Protocol. I know Catarina is going to help us with this. The communities in Medellín really apreciate this UBI thanks also @mbarbosa and @Avina @neesha_impact

Finally HasHouse published a review of @MilaRioja about HashHouse in its instagram HASH HOUSE on Instagram

There are some Photos of the Meeting:


This was awesome. Cogratulations!!!

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@Phil as discussed with you and Fernanda, this is what I drafted based on our talks earlier this year. Pls lmk your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Awesome Mila. I will reflect on what else we could add to it. :slight_smile:

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This is impressive :clap: Creating community activations such as these will definitely bring about the mission of inclusion and prosperity for all.
We need to be more involved in these types of community events that focus on web3 and blockchain, but also on engaging in non crypto and blockchain events to bring in new believers

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Hi all! Now time for a somewhat delayed 5th update on the thread above. To take advantage of an unique opportunity, LatinAmerica paused the last milestone (Web3 Ecosystem Tour to onboard RAFP members) to accomplish and deliver a Hackathon with the Brazilian Federal Government, its main IT builder company and Educational Partners - here on the official govt. website.

The challenge was about exploring with the tokenization of USD400bi in public goods of the Brazilian Government, that include not only building but beaches, forests and other natural assets. The solutions were all built open source. A specific forum post addressing this opportunity will be shared soon. Meanwhile, here is the Hckathon website where detailed information can be found (>500 enrolled individuals and more than 20 projects deployed in Celo in two weeks of hackathon!).

Dear Mila Rioja,

I m personally reaching out you from the founding team of a fund manager, domicilied in Abu Dhabi Global Market, the world’s first jurisdiction to develop and implement a comprehensive framework and the leading global destination for Virtual Asset activities.

I ve been following your amazing works in Latin America, especially the recent approved proposal on launching DAO, and I want personally contribute to them. Would you please let me have a live chat or short call to talk about potentiel personal or institutional collaborations?