Kicking off Season Planning at The Celo Foundation!

Hello everyone :wave:

I am BK and today I am happy to announce the start of the Season Planning at the Celo Foundation. Season Planning is an opportunity for us to pause, evaluate our work from the last 3 months, take a deeper look into the changing environment, and set a direction for the future. @Xochitl and I are stewarding this activity at the Celo Foundation and are very happy to share more details below.

Goals for the Season Planning Process

  • Be more transparent about the Celo foundation’s work to support the Celo Community
  • Receive feedback on what the community would like to see more / less of
  • Kickstart initiatives with goals of the community actively engaging, owning, operating and governing the future. We are merely temporary stewards and catalysts who facilitate the necessary, initial building blocks.

We’re launching with Season 11 (Oct - Dec 2022). Why is this the 11th season? 10 seasons have passed since Celo Mainnet Launch on Earth Day 2020 (April 22, 2022) and we wanted to account for that.

What to expect

The Celo Foundation is a ‘Teal organization’. This classification is based on Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux, who defined Self-Management, Evolutionary Purpose, and Wholeness as the 3 key principles of Teal organizations. Seasonal planning provides us with the opportunity to practice “unfolding” so we can evaluate whether the work we’re doing continues to fulfill our Evolutionary Purpose; and if not, what needs to change to allow us to continue doing that.

As a foundation we’ve identified key themes that we would like to focus on through organization circles or “working groups”.

For each working group, we have assigned a Planning Stewards to shepherd the group’s activities. As part of this process, each working group will take this opportunity to look backward, outward and forward.

  • Look Backward - Analyze our work and measure the results from the Season gone by; celebrate our successes but also examine missed goals

  • Look Outward - Evaluate the changing landscape - economic conditions, market characteristics, political and regulatory environment, needs of our ecosystem partners - to best position ourselves in the playing field

  • Look Forward - Define a direction for the future with quantified milestones and clear ownership, identify potential risks, and allocate resources

Working Groups & Planning Stewards

How to get involved:

Each working group will provide regular updates by publishing a forum post that will include the following information:

  • Reminder of the working group’s purpose
  • Achievements from the last season and key drivers of success / failure
  • View of important changes in the environment that may impact our work
  • Goals for the upcoming season
  • Key milestones and dates
  • Space for community feedback

We would love your feedback and encourage you to engage in the discussion to help shape the priorities. The goal is to have working groups post their priorities at the end of the month. Please stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you’d like to provide feedback on the Season Planning approach, please leave a comment below.

Thank you very much,


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Awesome! Thanks for leading this.

Could you share the objectives and results of the last season? Do you have a draft for objectives for the next one that you would like feedback on?

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Really excited to see this initiative pushed forward to help create a more collective and cohesive vision. Thank you BK for getting things started!


Thank you for energizing this, BK!

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Hey BK – in terms of local ecosystems are one of these folks focused on LatAm? Would love to get in touch.

Hello @papa_raw
Yes, @MilaRioja leads our efforts in LatAm. She’ll be posting about LatAm season planning very soon but feel free to get in touch with her directly.

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Hello! Feel free to reach out. Posting circle planning here for reference: Local Ecosystem Planning

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Here’s to then, now and future growth. Ty for this motivating writeup.

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