S12 Planning: Strategy and Enterprise

Hello everyone,

My name is Will Le and I am the Circle Lead for the Strategy and Enterprise Circle. As part of Season 12 Planning, I would like to share details about our plans for the upcoming season. If you are unfamiliar with the Season Planning process at the Celo Foundation, I would recommend taking a look at the forum post introducing the Season Planning Process.

With this post, our goal is to introduce more transparency into the work we’re doing at the Celo Foundation as well as ask for your feedback on the plan and activities listed below.


The Strategy and Enterprise Team is a newly formed team. The reason we formed this team was to 1) Bring tighter coordination between the strategy, business operations, grants administration, and analytics functions which previously existed on separate teams and 2) To reflect a shift in prioritization toward enterprise business development.

Our team has two primary goals:

  • Enable org-wide excellence through data-driven strategy and streamlined business processes
  • Make Celo the home for ReFi-minded enterprise partners

Goals for the upcoming Season 12

The theme of this season is to set up tools and internal processes that will set the Celo Foundation up for success going forward.

The Strategy, Operations and Insights team is focused on building the right structure for better data-driven decision making throughout the foundation. The work we’re doing here is largely inward-facing (e.g., optimizing internal processes) however the ultimate benefit will be outward facing, e.g., grant recipients .

Our goals for Season 12 are as follows:

  • Strategy: Streamline the Season Planning process and ensure a consistent implementation of the OKR process across the Foundation.
  • Operations: Identify and fix bottlenecks through the Grants process leading to a more efficient and delightful Grantee experience.
  • Insights: Empower all teams within the Celo Foundation by providing access to important on-chain and off-chain data and metrics

The mandate of the Enterprise team is to sign key partnerships with enterprise organizations and Web2 companies that are looking to enter Web3. Our work is organized in three objectives:

  • Build a robust pipeline of enterprise partners. This quarter we are in active discussions with several enterprise partners who are looking to deploy solutions on Celo. In addition, the team will be adding more partners to the pipeline - in the coming weeks the team will be at various industry conferences pitching Celo solutions. We are welcoming Latif Nathani, former senior executive at Microsoft and EBay India to serve as an advisor.
  • The Alliance for Prosperity is flourishing. There are currently 11 enterprise partners as part of the Alliance for Prosperity and we hope to double that number by the end of the year. We also want to think through ways to make the Alliance more attractive, by offering additional opportunities for learning and collaboration to members.
  • The Enterprise team is set up for success. Since there is a new team, this will be a season of formation and development. We are focusing on building internal tools and processes, such as standardizing funnels for our partners and pitch decks for specific audiences.

Your feedback

We would love your feedback on this post. Please share your thoughts on the areas that we’re working on, what you think we should be doing more or less of, and how we can improve. We truly believe that we can get better with the inputs from you all in the community and we look forward to it.




Thanks for shinning a spotlight on our work, Will! Looking forward to bringing more mission aligned partners to Celo.