S13 Season Planning: Enterprise

Hello world,

We hope you are happy and healthy. This is Will from the Enterprise Circle at the Celo Foundation.

As part of Season 13 Planning, I’m sharing our upcoming plans as well as seeking feedback. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Season Planning process at the Celo Foundation, you can look at the forum post 2 introducing the Season Planning Process.

Enterprise Circle Purpose

The Enterprise team supports the Celo community and grows adoption of Celo by partnering with non-Web3 native organizations, such as enterprises, public sector organizations, advisory and consulting companies, and more. We hope organizations adopt Celo for a variety of use cases, including payments, loyalty and customer engagement, sustainability, and more.

Looking back at Season 12 (January to March)

The Enterprise Circle is fairly new. While the Celo Foundation has supported enterprise partnerships since before the launch of mainnet, the Enterprise Circle in its current form was created at the beginning of February 2023. As such, the priority has been establishing the correct processes, collateral, and culture to drive institutional adoption of Celo in the coming quarters. Much of our early work has been internal facing, but we expect to have more updates to share in the coming months.

Key Successes

Google Cloud Partnership

C x I Innovation Lab with IDEO

Launched hackathon with Government of Brazil

Objective 1: Launch Enterprises on Celo

The cycle for Enterprise launches can be quite long, but the team has been working hard to activate several key partnerships that will bring additional users and activity to Celo. Please stay tuned – we will have more to share in the coming weeks and months.

Objective 2: Improve our product offerings and services for Enterprise

Navigating Web3 can be challenging for many organizations. The team is working hard to improve our solutions for enterprise. As part of this initiative, we are excited to announce that IDEO, a global design consulting firm, and Celo Foundation have partnered to launch the CxI Lab - a Web3 innovation lab for enterprise partners. Participating partners will work closely with IDEO designers and cLabs engineers in order to build solutions that leverage Celo to solve tangible business problems. We’ve received some strong early interest and expect to announce our first cohort in early Summer 2023.

Objective 3: Build a robust pipeline for enterprise deals

The team will continue to actively engage in lead generation and business development in order to activate additional enterprise partnerships. We have a goal to activate at least 3 Tier 0 enterprise partners each quarter.

Lastly - we’re hiring! We’re looking for talented business development professionals with experience in Web3 to join the Celo team. If you or someone you know is interested, please feel free to reach out.

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Hey Will. Very awesome to hear. FYI we are pitching a very large retailer next week. Goal is to onboard them to Celo through Token gate and loyalty amd rewards. It will start as a piliot in 18 of their more than 600 locations.

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