S13 Planning: Ecosystem Strategy & Innovation

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re well! Nikhil here from the Ecosystem Strategy & Innovation circle.

As part of Season 13 Planning, I’m sharing our upcoming plans as well as seeking feedback. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Season Planning process at the Celo Foundation, you can look at the forum post introducing the Season Planning Process.

Working Group Purpose
The Ecosystem Strategy and Innovation team serves to support and accelerate the growth of web3 projects on Celo in four key verticals: DeFi for the People, Connect the World, Social Impact Collective, and the Creator Collective. In particular, we look to catalyze launches and scale innovative new use cases on Celo.

Looking back at Season 12 (January to March)
Our circle supported a number of launches on Celo last season. These include the following:

  • GoodDollar
  • Masa Finance’s “Prosperity Passport
  • 12 countries were activated for mobile offramp via FiatConnect
  • Wheelcoin announced that they’re launching on Celo
  • We did a project with Gainforest in the Philippines for Mangrove reforestation
  • Curve cUSD pool on Celo with CRV emissions
  • Carbonized NFTs by Celostrials and Spirals Protocol
  • Launched an insurance solution with Etherisc and Acre Africa
  • ImmortalX on testnet
  • Carbonpath
  • Numoen
  • RociFi’s credit scoring
  • Impact Cards v2

Goals for the upcoming Season 13

Our last season (Season 21) can be found here. For Season 13, we continue to build on this by focusing on growth in transaction volume and monthly active users. Our goals for Season 13 across the four verticals are the following:

DeFi for the People

  1. Support launch of 5-10 top growth potential DeFi projects by end of the quarter
  2. Support the integration and launch of multiple DeFi primitives and tools
  3. Enable increase in overall on-chain liquidity for accessing LP capital and cross-chain liquidity

Connect the World

  1. Continue supporting the launch of new CICOs on FiatConnect and enable on and offramps in at least 20 countries with FiatConnect
  2. Support the launch of 2 new wallets on Celo

Social Impact Collective

  1. Support the launch of 3-5 new social impact projects/use cases on Celo
  2. Build 2 to 4 new pilot use cases with social impact partners

Creator Collective

  1. Support launch of 5-10 top growth potential NFT projects, partnerships, or infrastructure by end of the quarter
  2. Support the integration and launch of multiple NFT primitives and tools

Your feedback
Let me know if I missed anything! As always I’d love to get your feedback on our ongoing work and any ideas for collaboration. Please do share any thoughts, suggestions for what we should be doing more or less of, and any other ideas for improvement.

With much love,
Nikhil Raghuveera


Hello, great post here. The goals for season 13 are quite interesting and I’m particularly interested in the “Creator collective”. There’s a large market of creatives out there and it would be awesome to onboard them into Celo through enticing Dapps and tools they could interact with and build their respective communities on. I’d love to be a part of this and see how it could develop further. Thanks :slight_smile:


Would love to get support in bringing new creators who are creating NFT ecosystems on Celo. This is something we definitely need more of.


great work @nraghuveera how can i reach you for a convo. have some ideas i’d like your ideas on.

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You can email me at nikhil@celo.org