Community Development at the Celo Foundation

Good evening @harpaljadeja
Can i know where are u located in India?
May be u suggest me some next steps for create community in Goa?
Thank you

Thank you ,i applied for ambassador
Letsee if they reply

Thank you! I will take a look.

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Hey I am from Mumbai, India.

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Do u have some indian TG group? Where we can chatting locally.
I live in Goa. If u visit here we can catch up. Or in Mumbai if i there

Yes! I believe @Shaun would know best about the local TG group, would appreciate it if you can share it :pray:

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Hi Anna, Yes dropping the link below

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Where i can request some funding to create small meetup in Goa Arambol. For 10-20 people.
Where i would like to see some video about Celo, introduce to Celo ecosystem, share some information about wallet, and some applications, how to create NFT
I think we need around 100-200$ for this and we can start our Goa Cello group and Instagram.

If u interested to support with this meet up
Letme know please
Thank u

If It not takes long time for funding i can orginise It this or next week


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This is a great idea!! This is exactly the kind of program I’m currently working on, to allow community members to easily apply for small grants to host meet ups in their local area. I will get back to you as soon as there’s a process that’s formalized but it will not be this or next week yet. I will keep you in mind as soon as we have the Meet Up program launched and in the mean time I’ll take a look at your ambassador application!

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Good thank you. We will waiting.

@annaalexa Hey, how are u?
some news?
Long time🙈

Hi Alchemy! We from local ecosystem may also be able to help. Would you like to take a look here and then we follow up? Although grants come from @annaalexa , maybe some collabs with existing local communities may come in handy to kick start this :slight_smile: You could for instance join the office hours in which we discuss how we implement some initiatives, or get inspired by some projects launched.

Hey @MilaRioja
Do you interested in my proposal?
Can you Help to do fund for it?

Hey there! As said above what we can help you with is exchanging ideas with the community who is doing what you propose in other countries. You are most welcome to join office hours to debate and follow up on the post linked above for more resources.

Ye thank you @MilaRioja
Where i can find meetings hours? Very glad to join :sparkles:

Why @annaalexa Dont want to speak with me anymore?

Hi @alchemy, the meet up program is scheduled to launch in November, I will keep you posted and let you know when it’s time to apply! You can track progress and goals for our team here in our Season 11 planning.

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Hello @annaalexa
I have submitted my application to be a Colombian Ambassador.

Really want to join Celo as Ambassador. In addition with the $cCOP proposal I think we can get a lot of adoption in Colombia :colombia:

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Hi Juan! Thank you so much for applying! Looking forward to talking more.

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I was applying 3 months ago. Nobody still dont replying :see_no_evil::person_shrugging::person_shrugging: @MilaRioja
I guess it have to take more time

Hi @alchemy! I went through the ambassador application and wasn’t able to find your entry. If perhaps you used a different name, can you please message me and let me know! Thank you for your patience.