Opening Ecosystem Growth Team Meeting to Our Community

Hi folks!

Anna here, I lead community programs at the Celo Foundation and I also facilitate our weekly Ecosystem Growth team meeting.

In an effort to bring more transparency and get community feedback on the initiatives that we’re working on, we at Ecosystem Growth team are opening up our weekly circle meeting to the community. Anyone is welcome to attend, we’ll be running our usual team meeting in a public discord voice chat.

Meeting Details

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2022
When: 11AM EST | 3PM UTC
Where: Discord Voice Channel


  • Pilot Readout (25 mins)
    • Celo Research and Innovation team recently launched a pilot to explore how we could use DeFi enabled loans through an employer-based credit delegation model to offer fast and low-interest loans to smallholder farmers in Kenya with our partners Moola Market, Kotani Pay, and Mercy Corps. @williamle @nraghuveera @0xHelena @isha @mashiat
  • How the Celo Foundation is thinking about priorities for the remainder of this year (20 mins)
    • Discussion: what each team will prioritize to double down on in the bear market?
  • Q&A open to community (10 mins)
  • Recap and suggestions for future agenda (5 mins)

Join us this week, we look forward to many more open calls in the future.


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[Reserve for notes and recap]