Ecosystem Growth Open Call - June 22, 2022

Hi folks,

Anna here again, I facilitate our weekly Ecosystem Growth team meeting and this week we’re hosting another open meeting in Discord. This week @olarte will be guest facilitating it and we have an awesome discussion planned.


We announced that in an effort to bring more transparency and get community feedback on the initiatives that we’re working on, we at Ecosystem Growth team are opening up our weekly circle meeting to the community. Anyone is welcome to attend, we’ll be running our usual team meeting in a public discord voice chat.

Meeting Details

Date: Wednesday, June 8, 2022
When: 11AM EST | 3PM UTC
Where: Discord Voice Channel


We’ll do a deep dive in Gitcoin’s GR 14 and projects that are participating in this round where Celo is a matching partner. I wrote an in-depth thread about it here

@luisotravez is one of the amazing community contributors who has an active grant in this round.

Come learn about another way of Grants Funding and a community driven way to fund the ecosystem!

Join us this week, we look forward to many more open calls in the future.