Governance Call #23 | November 17th, 2022

Hi all, please see here for information about Governance Call 23, which will take place on Thursday, November 17th at 12pm ET / 9am PT. Please comment here or in the Github issue if there are any topics you’d like to discuss.


Hey, @willkraft, I would love to discuss Celo India DAO Proposal During this governance call.

Please Note, We have received wonderful comments from the community so we will be editing this original post soon.


cc. @Chitty


Thanks Monish, I added it to the agenda!

@Aliu @MilaRioja Anna mentioned you guys may be interested in discussing here again after the Kuneco this month, so let me know if you’d like to discuss your DAO proposals


@nirvaan do you want to discuss a Climate Collective proposal you’re working on?

cc @ericnakagawa

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@willkraft happy to discuss the proposal in its current state and get feedback from the community. The proposal is in a holding pattern pending certain developments from relevant projects, but I think it would be good to raise awareness at this stage.


Sounds great! Lets do this.

@nirvaan @MilaRioja sounds good! I’ll add these to the agenda

Hi @willkraft! Can @Chitty and @avinash.buddana be added to the Governance call to represent the India DAO proposal. Folks please confirm that you can attend!


Hi @willkraft ! Got a little confused with this. TBH proposal was greatly received on our first governance call, and, at Kuneco – that I missed due to extraneous family situation – I hear the proposal was once more well received. Thus, I don’t see a reason to once more submit this in a gov call - but please let me know otherwise. AFAIK we are submitting the repo and submitting the proposal to voting next. Pls lmk your feedback.

Hey Anna, yes, we are looking forward to the governance call.

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Hey, guys! I wanted to invite you to learn about the Learn to Earn project in partnership with the largest Latam Exchange, Mercado Bitcoin, we want everyone to know the potential of Celo through the educational program where users can learn and earn cReal and Celo. It is a great possibility for everyone to know more about crypto and the Celo ecosystem.
It is also a suggestion on how to increase the adoption of Celo and cReal in Brazil.

I would love to hear from the community about this project.

CGP Link: CGP63: Learn to Earn Campaign by deboraconconi · Pull Request #179 · celo-org/governance · GitHub
Forum Link: [Proposal]: CGP 63: Learn to Earn Campaign with cReal and Celo in Brazil

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Looking forward to it, Anna. Thank you!
Just wanted to drop my handle here in case you were looking.

@barracuda @lopeselio @Shaun @Chitty

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@MilaRioja sounds good! That makes sense, I’ll remove your proposal from the agenda

@DeboraConconi sounds great, would you like to be added to the agenda? Edit: Let me know if you’d also like to discuss the cReal liquidity incentives proposal

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@willkraft yes please! would like to be added to the agenda for the theme of L2E - CGP 63.
(obs.: will it be in PT and EN?)

Great! I will add just CGP 63 to the agenda, and the call will be in English