S13 Planning: People Circle

Hello everyone,

My name is Julia Velloso and I am the Circle lead for the People Circle. As part of Season 13 Planning, we’d like to share our current focus and welcome your input! (More info on our Season Planning process here)

Our Purpose at the People Circle:

We enable great places to work and connect in the Celo ecosystem.

A view of the the last season (Season 12):

  • Our Office Communities – our events stewards in San Francisco (Mark) and Berlin (Rica) offices did an amazing job building community through 20+ events, which we hosted or co-hosted with another Celo project or broader web3 community, leading to great connections, hackathons, panels and events, and lots of positive energy.
  • Our Talent Collective – we continued sharing roles across the Celo Ecosystem, on average 40+ job openings at a time, and we continue to qualify candidates before adding them to our talent pool (add your org and roles here; feel free to reach out to us at talentcollective@celo.org)
  • How we work together at the Celo Foundation – we continued improving our back-of-house processes (SOPs, internal wiki, platform review), built out a dozen lessons for learning & development, kicked off 3 methods for quick ongoing feedback, supported our org-wide Praise Session, and continued our virtual coffee connect sessions.

Goals for our current Season 13:

  • Our Office Communities – we’re excited to keep growing our Celo communities in and around our office spaces in SF and Berlin. If you’d like to host an event, suggest an offering, or work in our space, let us know here or reach out to Mark Black directly for our SF office.
  • Our Talent Collective – fostering a healthy pool of open roles across the Celo ecosystem Post roles and find mission-aligned talent at https://celo.pallet.com/ and reach out to us at talentcollective@celo.org. Feel free to reach out for our Open Source Talent Engine playbook.
  • How we work together at the Celo Foundation – rolling out gathering feedback from each other with tools to support healthy growth conversations, sharing out a bunch of our learning tools, launching our next coaching cohort, increasing adoption of our internal checkin tools, and continuing our connection spaces like 1:1 coffee and group coffee check-ins. ()

Your feedback:

Anything here you’d like to know more about? Would you like to talk about building your team or creating great culture within your team? Would you like to connect with our community in San Francisco or Berlin? We’d love to hear from you—and hope to see you soon IRL in one of our spaces.


All of us on the People Circle – Julia, Grace, Mark (SF), Luca (advisor for Talent Collective)