[Proposal] Celo India DAO

This is a great plan towards mass adoption of Celo in India. Let’s do it!


That’s a solid plan up there . Looking forward to the organic growth of Celo India. Perfect way to tap Celo into ever growing web3 ecosystem in India.


That sounds like a great plan for Indian community to engage with Celo! Hoping to see positive results in Celo Indian Community from Kalakendra DAO.


Monish is a great visionary when it comes to blockchain adoption. He always does a through research and efficient execution of any project he takes up. I’m very confident that he and his team will bring in Celo adoption in India if this proposal goes through.

All the best brother :+1:


I generally agree with these proposals. However, we live in a bear market situation and the price of Celo is practically at an all-time low. Since this is also your first post on the forum (and also that of many commenters) I have more than one doubt. The proposal in its contents seems to me to be well formulated but I cannot help but wonder if the amount requested is too much for an untested program run by people who have yet to prove they live up to their promises. I suggest you break down the numbers and start out with less and then after 1 year see if is the case to scale based on the metrics and results of the program.
What I would do is:
1a. 1 meetup per month (instead of 2) -$30k
1b. remove Promos/Swags/Paid Ads -$60k
1c. 1 Celo India Hub instead of 3 -$100k
2a. is this not already included in the 1b point under “Content Creation”? -$24k
3a. I would prefer to leave this role to existing organizations that collaborate with celo honestly. -$200k
3b. Do 1 hackathon instead of 3. -$100k
3c No sponsorship to other conferences. -$75k

Total “saved” = $589k

Another point I would like to ask is about taxation. How does it work in India? Given that you will receive the funds in Celo, for many activities you will have to convert them into your local currency.


Thank you @Monish016 for putting up a proposal and @0xGoldo for a thoughtful response and feedback! I also echo these points and would like to suggest a different approach that has worked well in the past. I help lead community and grassroots programs at the Foundation and when we want to pilot a program we generally propose a 3 month pilot and budget. This allows us to mitigate risk and be more granular with reporting and transparency. It gives enough time to show results and it is easy to scale a program after a 3 month successful run. This will also pair great with the Seasons that we are implementing across all teams. A season is 3 months and I think it’s a great model to pitch what a regional DAO can accomplish in 1 season.

Overall, I’m a huge believer that the way we grow our ecosystem is through regional autonomous teams, but I would also encourage to think strategically and pitch a 3 month budget with clear milestones and reporting.


Hi all, I would like to echo @0xGoldo and @annaalexa’s thoughts. I hope the team behind this proposal can come back with an adjusted proposal that reduces the scope and the funding request. Additionally, I would like to surface a couple of observations:

  • Setting up a DAO and coordinating work as a new team can be draining. Also, the members of this team don’t have a long track record within the Celo Community. My suggestion again is to reduce the scope and follow a model like the Seasonal one @annaalexa recommends, build a reputation based on impact, rinse and repeat.

  • Some of the costs in the proposal are high compared with similar activities the Celo Foundation has funded in India. For example, the Celo Foundation has sponsored meetups in the USD$1000 - $1500 range.

  • Team - I would like to suggest to the team the inclusion of more technical folks who could offer development support and more women to the multi-sig.

  • I suggested this in the AfricaDAO proposal as well. I would like to see the teams behind the three regional proposals (Latam, Africa, and India) getting together to discuss how they can partner and what are the common pattern they can follow in terms of transparency and accountability.


Hey @0xGoldo, Thank you for your interest in our DAO Proposal; agreed! This may be my first post, but I would like to let you know am not new to celo or web3 space. We are building an NFT Ticketing Platform on Celo. Also, I was invited by Chitty. I am looking forward to ways to collaborate with the Celo community in the Future.

I would say may this program is new and untested to the celo community, but there are a lot of other blockchain communities doing this program or initiative to a larger extent and getting a great response. but Again, Agreed. I will break down the numbers to suffice for three months.

Oh, Thank you for this wonderful question. The current Tax rate is 30% in India also. We at kalakendraDAO have been operating for a year now with crypto payment for the services opted in India, so in order to truly help/let Indians adopt crypto, All payments will be made in celo to the community.


Hey @annaalexa, Thank you for your wonderful time reviewing our proposal. I will sure edit the OP and Come back with the plan to accommodate season planning.


Hey @olarte, Thank you for the Wonderful Comment.

we are open to reducing the scope of the proposal, also happy to see community members supporting our initiative. I will edit the original post soon.

yes, but we have been doing this for almost a year now for KalakendraDAO, So I don’t think this will be our problem.

it depends. But for now, we have requested including the threshold amount also, not all 2K will be adjusted to the meetups alone. It will be used for the technical workshops too. But am happy to raise and experiment with lower amounts.

Hey, this is just an initial core team, but we will add more people from different parts of India to support grassroots approach to operate decentralize

Thank you


Hi :wave:all, Iam Almas from Pune,India ,Founder of the PuneDAO , A service & an accelerator DAO working on the mission to onboard Web3 enthusiasts be it tech, non-tech and grow the Pune Web3 ecosystem.

Our vision is to be the next cryptohub of India and would like the ecosystem to grow, flourish and bring in more opportunities to folks who are unaware about.

As you all Pune is know as the Oxford of the East and we have major target group is students and getting them aware and acquainted , aware about those opportunities.

I can see the proposal shared by @Chitty and would like to invite Celo India DAO to explore the synergies with PuneDAO and our growing community. Also @dapplooker friends shared with me on the proposal.

Sharing some past work for us

PuneDAO socials

Do stop by to say hi , open to feedback and suggestions :raised_hands:


Thank @Als4Pune tbh, we wanted this celo India proposal to be DAOs of DAOs model to enrich and adopt grassroots approach. Happy to collaborate and work with you guys :slight_smile:


How can we take this forward @Monish016

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Well, I think we already have an official Celo India telegram group that is inactive. I’ve been volunteering to moderate that group for a while now. I guess bootstrapping using the available stuff would be a great way to start with. An official Celo India twitter account to post frequent updates in native languages, telegram for help/support, and an Instagram account for promotion and stuff. We should start with similar, small initiatives, rectify and expand over time.


I completely agree with you, @TanishKhanna19 , that bootstrapping our current dormant communities may be the best approach to bring them back to life while also assisting us in being ready for the future. The team will unquestionably need your assistance to enforce security in our expanding crypto spaces and offer proper moderation and concentration to more material linked to Celo and important updates. To ensure that our content is accessible to individuals all over India, we have a structured framework for social media growth that takes into account the varied linguistics of the country. All of the suggestions have surely been noted by @Monish016 , and we are also looking into the procedure. Surely, this isn’t a task for just a few people, and I hope to hear more about your suggestions and working on them alongside you as well.


Greetings, everyone. A month has passed since we last presented our idea on this topic. So here it is, our updated plan, which was made in consideration of all of the community Comments and recommendations.

We’ve broken down our figures as advised, and we’ve now presented a three-month schedule.

Amount Requested.

Quarterly budget: $60,000 worth of Celo

Area of Focus / Mandates.

1. Onboard - Help onboard new community members and developers, and guide them through the ecosystem

a.IRL Meetup / Workshops.

Organizing regular meetups & events in collaboration with other local event organizers to help increase the Adoption of Celo among crypto enthusiasts. This would involve hosting meetups, airdrops, workshops, etc., on a regular basis. The meetups would be a great platform to network & collaborate with other crypto enthusiasts.

Description Cost
Cost per event $1,500

x 3 Months x 1 (Each Month) = $4,500

Metrics for Success:

  • 20+ Members onboarded to the community - 120+ Members end of 3months across India
  • 10% downloading Contract Kit
  • 100% new followers on social media

b.Celo India Social Medium: Engage - Content Creation about celo leveraging local communities.

To promote Adoption, lower obstacles to the entrance, and aid the neighborhood, maintain and expand social channels. Create and execute marketing campaigns (online & offline) to increase awareness about Celo in India.

Description Cost
Content Creation/Moderation/Influencers $5,000
x 3 months $15,000

Success Metrics:

  • Posts on Twitter and other Social Mediums
  • Youtube channel which explains Celo and our community missions and vision in Regional languages.
  • 2 Twitter Spaces per Week
  • 4 Instagram Lives per week
  • 20 Social Posts (Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) per Week
  • Community management
  • Ads on social media.
  • Telegram group for a broader reach in the Indian community.

2. Education - Collaborate with local projects and organizations to help them migrate to Celo.

a. Celo India University Program

The idea is to collaborate with universities and colleges across India to help them understand and use Celo. This would involve conducting workshops, talks, and other university events to spread awareness about Celo. It would also include working with the university authorities to help them integrate Celo into their curriculum.

Description Cost
Celo India University Program $5,000

Success Metrics:

  • Educating & Onboarding 250+ Students through this Program
  • 6+ University Clubs or DAOs on Celo
  • Sponsoring 100+ Students

# 3. Building - Transform Local Dev Community to Celo

a. Hackathons

Organize regular hackathons in collaboration with other local Hackathon organizers to help increase the Adoption of Celo among developers.

Description Cost
Prizes(5K,3K,2K) $10,000
Venue & Food (Dinner/Lunch) $15,000
Media & Promotion $3,000
Platform & Administration $1,000
Translations and localizations $1,000
Total per Hackathon $30,000

Success Metrics:

  • 1 Hackathon in 3 months
  • 200+ participants in Total
  • 50+ submissions
  • Experts, Speakers, and Celebrity Web3 enthusiasts to attend

Transparency and Progress

We want to focus on building trust and Transparency with the community. We will publish a detailed monthly report with all our activities, results, and expenses.

  • Community members over Time
  • Events Conducted
  • Projects submitted
  • Active developers over Time

All Internal Governance and Reports will be shared in the forum.

Structure & Mult-Sig

Multisig and Budget Management: The members of the Celo India Core Team will be responsible for the multi-sig and the management of the proposed budget

Role Name Multisig
Regional Operations Lead Monish TBD
Socials Vikram TBD
Vennila seshadri TBD
Marketing & Events Monish TBD
Business Development Abijith Mahendran TBD
Growth Hacker Yuvasri TBD
Mugdha Patil TBD
Developer Relations Immanuel John TBD
Vijay M TBD

Celo India DAO Operations

To Further Decentralize and Follow Grassroot Approach, 9 Members from the Different States of the Country will be chosen to take part in the Celo India DAO Operations. All the Governance is taken Through the Celo Governance Forum.

After some point, Each of the 9 Selected members will create their sub-Daos of Celo India DAO to Decentralize the work further and create more impact in the country.

Such as Celo India-Kerala, Celo India-Delhi, etc. This becomes the DAO of DAOs Model Approach.

Extras: ($5,500)

  • Tooling
  • Request Network
  • KYC DAO (?)
  • WorkDAO / Coordinape or Origami
  • Docusign
  • Canva, Zoho Social, Adobe Illustrator, Discord Server Boosts, DNS, Etc.,
  • Legal review of the structure, compliance, and due diligence
  • If another structure needs to be implemented due to legal review, we will discuss it with the community.


  • Equivalent $50 worth of CELO per Hour; the expectation is 5-10 hours per month
  • Between 7-10% of the overall budget will go toward Compensation


  • Forum posts with updates
  • Social media posts
  • Monthly reports
  • Open work on the Discord channel

Thank You for your Time!



Revision Update

  • Scope of Work reduced to three Months
  • Reduced focused areas as per community recommendations.

@Monish016 very detailed and thought out plan. Is this a separate proposal from what @Chitty had proposed earlier? Celo IndiaDAO

I saw @0xGoldo also raised this point in @Chitty’s post, please provide some clarity.


yes @gvish This is a separate proposal from @Chitty’s.

yes, I am updating the same now. Sorry for the confusion.


Thanks for the clarity. I appreciate the enthusiasm to build Celo ecosystem in India on multiple fronts.

Reading both the posts, I see a lot of common ground in the proposals in terms of objectives of the DAOs. I understand there is enough room for two DAOs given the scale of the potential market in India.

In the interest of Celo’s limited resources and the current bear market situation, it would be wiser to work together than separately. I would suggest both the teams to have a discussion and try to work together. At this point, it would be great to see more coordination than competition in the Celo ecosystem.

Love to hear both of your thoughts @Monish016 and @Chitty


Hey, @gvish Thank you for the Wonderful comment, I completely agree with you, and I wish to align the same as well,

Before proceeding, I would request everyone to look at my introduction here

I would like the community would know what happened with the two separate proposals for Celo India DAO.

The Initial Draft was Constructed in a way to accommodate @chitty and his fellow team with the proposal, It was discussed earlier with Chitty for collaboration with KKD with Celo INDIA DAO, He and his Team agreed and we made a post, with combined forces to establish celo - Prosperity for All in India. Later, he called and said there are some discrepancies with his teammates, I asked for a team call to get that sorted, but he hasn’t taken any steps.

Now just before the Kuneco Call, He proposed a modified new proposal similar to us and claims to be a separate one, I am not sure about what happened,

I am still looking to collaborate to bring the best out of this proposal.

Thank you