Core Contracts Release 9

Hi everyone,

The cLabs team is happy to announce Core Contracts Release 9!


The upgrade includes the following changes described with more detail in the release notes 9:

  • Users can allocate a portion of their locked CELO to vote either for or against proposals or possibly abstain. This allows for greater control over decision-making and can help users to more accurately reflect their preferences

  • Introduction of the possibility to vote for more than 10 validator groups. If this feature is enabled, account holders will need to update the vote count for each group they vote for on a daily basis.

Relevant links

Governance proposal timeline

  • Staging: April 10
  • Alfajores: April 14
  • Mainnet: April 25 (TODO: TBC!)

What next?

If you have any comments or questions we’d love to hear from you on this forum post so we can keep the conversation asynchronous and inclusive.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Pavel and @martinvol (on behalf of the contracts team at cLabs)

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