Core Contracts Release 6

Hi everyone,

The cLabs team is happy to announce Contracts Release 6!

The upcoming governance proposal has the release notes found here.

The upgrade includes the following changes described with more detail in the release notes:

  • Provide direct access to CIP8 storage URLs onchain, bypassing CIP3 (#8360)
  • Require that slashing reporters are accounts, to ensure reporter can receive
    locked CELO (#8854)
  • Remove unneccesary getVersionNumber() function declaration in contract
    libraries (#8349). This forces PATCH version increases on several contracts:
    • Accounts
    • Election
    • Governance
    • LockedGold
    • Attestations
    • Escrow
    • SortedOracles
    • Validators

Relevant links:

Governance proposal timeline:

  • Staging: February 15

  • Alfajores: February 22

  • Mainnet: March 1

If you have any comments or questions we suggest replying here on this forum post so as to keep the conversation asynchronous and inclusive.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

-Martin, on behalf of the contracts team at cLabs