PSA: Governance process changes

Hello Community!

We’re planning to propose Contracts Release 9 (CR9), which among many updates, it includes a much anticipated overhaul to the Approval phase of the on-chain Governance Process. This changes will get implemented after CR9 gets executed.

This will effectively remove the approval stage, and make it in parallel with the referendum stage. The cli already has already a feature flag and will detect the change automatically.

Proposals that start the governance process before CR9 is executed and that are expected to pass after CR9 is executed are an edge case, because the governance process is changing mid-flight. This edge case is contemplated, but I’d advise to avoid having proposals in this situation because it can generate confusion.

Therefor, please avoid submitting proposals on-chain after CR9 has been proposed.

Proposals that are proposed before CR9 and that are expected to get executed before CR9 don’t need to take any consideration. Same is true for every proposal submitted after CR9 is activated.

Thanks for your understanding!

cLabs Team


Question. Would it still be correct to check if the stage of a proposal is in Referendum before voting on it?

Hello, I have a question, after a governance on-chain proposal is ‘Executed’ (in this case, the proposal is passed) how long does it take for requested funds to be distributed to the dedicated multisig wallet?@martinvol @marek

Yes, that’d remain true.

After it’s executed, that’d be instant.

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