WalliD - Easy to implement authentication and data verification flows [CC7 2023]

WalliD [CC Batch 7]

Short description

WalliD enables developers to create authentication and data verification flows through easy to use SDKs and non-custodial wallet infrastructure”


Who is the team building this project?
Filipe Veiga

Long Description

WalliD aims to provide the ultimate onboarding and digital trust solution by aggregating authenticators and verifiable data sources. Our aggregator architecture brings together centralized Certificate authorities and their Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs), DID and Zero-Knowledge protocols, as well as authentication providers and blockchains. This allows us to offer a comprehensive toolkit with different suites of products that cater to the needs of developers and users across web3 ecosystems.

With WalliD you can:

  • Create authentication flows with social logins and web3 wallets
  • Abstract wallet usage through non-custodial wallet infrastructure
  • Create data verification flows based on multiple sources of data to enable gated access to services, sybil resistance, trust scores and regulatory compliance.

Technical Implementation (optional)

During the camp we integrated Celo network, assets and wallets into our aggregator, creating the libs and tools for the ecosystem developers to authenticate and verify users data within their Celo dApps.

Try it out for yourself in your Github repo :point_down:


  • dApp Developer building on CELO - Hit us up and let us help you solve your onboarding and user data verification needs.

  • DID, SBT or ZK developer on CELO - We’d love to connect and learn how we can integrate you with our aggregator

Slide Deck

Pitch deck :point_down:

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Or reach out to one of the founders: