Celo Wallet <> GoPlus Security Alliance

Dear Celo Family!

I hope that this note finds you well. I reach out to you with a strong interest in creating an alliance. It would be incredible if Celo Wallet could take a look at a series of web3 security API services that focus on protecting users in web3. Our name is GoPlus, and we are a security data infrastructure layer of Web3. We provide open, permissionless, user-driven security services. Our web3 security API services are free.

A great example of how GoPlus can help protect our web3 users in Colombia, LatAm, and around the world, is by creating an alliance with Celo Wallet where amazing projects like Green Digital Guardians that use Celo Wallet for their NFTs can offer all of their users robust security.

Here’s an overview of the robust suite of APIs that provide real-time, automated security analysis and detection data. These APIs are designed for scalability, reliability, and ease of integration. Below is an overview of the APIs and their respective functionalities:

Token Security API - Open, permissionless, user-driven token security detection platform.

Malicious Address API - Free, timely, and comprehensive malicious address library.

NFT Security API - NFT authenticity detection platform.

Approval Security API - Detect risks of token approval.

dApp Security Info API - Aggregated dApp security info for quick risk alerts.

Signature Data Decode API - Decode ABI data and find abnormalities.

Phishing Site Detection API - Detect phishing sites.

Celo Wallet can test and use these API services directly and the GoPlus technical team is ready to help.

I would love to discuss further.


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