Unable to transfer asset

Unable to transfer Celo to Binance.Just kept on loading. I have also changed networks, still same issue.

Device Information

OS: Android
Device: Redmi Note 12
App Version: 1.56.0

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Hi @cjustinobi - are you still having difficulty with this transfer? If so, please reach out to Valora’s support team for help. To do that, open Valora’s menu and tap Help > Contact.

It will help to include the description you shared here and the steps you’re taking. If you see any errors, please include a screenshot as well.

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you.

@cjustinobi have you been able to transfer your asset or still having issues transferring to binance? Let me know if you still need assistance

Still having issues.

Sorry for the inconvenience,a ticket has generated to attend to you and fix this error ,kindly click Here to be directed to the support centre to chat with a support technician so the error can be fixed immediately. @cjustinobi

Hi @cjustinobi - if you still need help, please do contact our support team directly. You can do that safely by opening Valora’s menu and tapping Help > Contact.

I have reported @Devy_reply - this is not a Valora support person. We’ll always ask you to initiate the ticket yourself, preferably via Valora’s menu. You can also find our contact methods here.

If you clicked the link in their reply, please write to our support team and let them know your wallet has been compromised. They can help you, but primarily you’ll need to immediately create a new wallet and transfer your funds there. Hopefully, you have not clicked their link.

Thank you! The official Valora support team looks forward to hearing from you to assist with this issue.