$ CELO Issue with transaction to CELO account


On April 6, I sent $ 10,21 Cello Dollares from my account in Valora to a Cello account, but being a different currency the money has not arrived. I hope you can help me to solve the problem.

Juan Carlos

Hi Juan! Our support team can help look into this. Can you reach out and open a support request? To do so, please open the Valora sidebar and tap Help > Contact and include the same comments you did here. That will provide the information we need to investigate.

Thank you!

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To Lisa,


From Valora, they are not helping me, I attach the answer.

I have provided all the evidence, screenshots, links. It can be verified that everything I have exposed is true, addresses of the tickets, block number, validator, amount of money sent, etc., that is why I cannot understand why they cannot refund my $ 10.21 to my Valora account. I think I would not have to do so many paperwork, provide so much evidence, if it is something easily verifiable.

I hope you can help me. Thank you .

All the best.


@Pumuky I don’t see an attachment. Can you let me know the Ticket ID please so I can have a look?

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Hello Lisa,

Thank you for caring about my case. I have contacted Valora support by email (request 5107).

I sent them attachments and links.

In Celo’s block explorer, I have found my $ 10.21 transaction. I leave you here the link.


Tell me if you need me to make an incident in the support of the Valora application, to be able to attend the case.

Again thank you very much for your help.


Juan Carlos


Got it. I can see that Charlie has responded in detail to the ticket about an hour ago. Please check that out as we do need more information to proceed.

Thank you!

Hi Lisa,

I already sent the information to Charlie.

Thank you very much for your interest in my case, you are very kind and I wish you all the best in life,

If you need any information, send me an email and I will answer it.

Thank you very much and a warm hug from Spain :blush:

@Pumuky You are very kind, thank you! Sending a hug back to Spain!

I wish you the best as well, thank you for being part of the Valora community!

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