Celo sent from Valora but never arrived at MexC

I sent 20 Celo from Valora to MexC but after 2 and a half days it has not arrived.

Valora shows in record that it was successfully sent, but MexC has not sent me any notifications of issues. I have double checked the wallet addresses and everything seems perfect.

Is there anyway to recover the Celo? Should I avoid MexC? Is there another Exchange that is recommended?

I’m sorry you ran into this, that’s not great.

The first thing to do is always check that the receiving address supports the asset you’re sending. Our article on what you need to know before transacting can help avoid situations like this in the future.

Regarding recovering those funds, it would be best to reach out to MexC and see if they have a way to do that.

We may be able to spot what’s going on with more details. Please open Valora’s menu and tap Help > Contact if you’d like our support team to investigate. When you do, include the details you have here, and we’ll have a look.

There are many supported exchanges to choose from! We have some listed in this article.