CUSD Transfer from Valora to Bittrex failed

Hi Guys,

I made two Celo Dollars CUSD transfers from Valora app to my CUSD wallet on Bittrex.
The Bittrex wallet I provided is correct.
Unfortunately, my CUSD didn’t go through.
Here are the transfers details:

Is there a way to recover my money?

Thanks for help.

Hi @plaszcz

It looks to me like the transfers went through. Did the cUSD show up in Bittrex?

Hi @joshc

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I can see the money on my wallet address but they are not available in my cUSD Bittrex wallet, I can’t see them.
So basically, I don’t have access to it via Bittrex Mobile App or their Website.
I created ticket in their ZenDesk support days ago…

but no one answered. Looks like their support doesn’t exist.
I’m worry that Bittrex people are just focus on making money and totally forgot about their customers.
Or Bittrex could be a scam perhaps as I found more people complaining about them.
Is it possible to revoke this transfer? Did I loose my $550 USD?
Also their Telegram channel is full of scamers from China, say a word there and immediately have several private messages telling you what you should invest in and asking for your WhatsApp

You didn’t lose it, it’s definitely there. I suggest you continue to try to reach Bittrex support.

It’s been 9 days since I created the ticket and no support from Bittrex. People saying on their Telegram channel that they are waiting already 3 months without getting any answer.
It’s hopeless. It looks like I lost my money.
Also, I use Bittrex because Valora recommend them as a trading platform (it’s in the mobile app, bittrex is one of the three recommended platforms you can trade Celo dolar).
So, thank you Celo and Valora for this recommendation.

There are plenty of complains in the comments on their facebook account. But hey don’t care about it, looks like Bittrex is a scam and you recommend them !! @joshc yes, I lost that money. The transfer went through but the money are not available via mobile and web app. I won’t be surprise if Bittrex disappear with all the money one day.

Hi @plaszcz - I am sorry that you’re dealing with this, it is a frustrating situation for sure.

Would you be willing to reach out to our support team? If so, please start a support request and ask for Charlie - it would help if you can also include a link to this forum thread.

The easiest way to reach us is through the Valora menu > Help > Contact

Thank you!

Hi @Lisa and @joshc

First of all, thank you for all your response. You are a good support of the Celo community, which I cannot say about other crypto project on the internet.

Somehow the money appears on my Bittrex wallet trading account after 2 months of waiting. However, my ticket in Bittrex Global support system still has the status open and I didn’t receive any answer from them.

Guys, be aware of the Telegram channels of any crypto projects, there are full of scammers, there are people who are claiming that are working for projects, but they are just scammers trying to trick you to steel some crypto from you. I’m not talking only about Bittrex channel, they are on all the projects.

I’m having the same issue now.

Let’s hope it doesn’t take two months to resolve.

So I did some research and had some back and forth with a support agent who knows what they’re talking about (perks of being a corporate client, I suppose…), and there’s a hack here:

  • cUSD deposits are simply not showing up for many people. They’re basically getting missed by Bittrex’s system. This is happening across the board.

  • … but if you send a small amount of CELO to the same address as you deposited your cUSD, Bittrex’s system will see the original cUSD deposit. Don’t ask me why.

@plaszcz @Lisa @joshc try recommending this hack in the future to folks. And you should let people know in general that sending cUSD to Bittrex is unsafe at this time.


Amazing! Thank you for sharing this @papa_raw